Info: Astronomers

There are a truly obscene number of asteroids named after astronomers. This shouldn't be surprising; as an asteroid's discoverer gets the first privilege of granting a name to it, astronomers on the whole have dibs. Thus, many minor planets are named after astronomers, and their colleagues, assistants, family members, observatories, etc.

Unlike comets, which are automatically named after their discoverer(s), it is against the rules for a minor planet discoverer to name the discovery after themselves. Therefore, asteroid discoverers have a habit of kindly taking turns naming asteroids after one another, or naming them after their mentors or predecessors. There is a short list of exceptions to this rule, each with their own reasons, which includes 4015 Wilson-Harrington, 7968 Elst-Pizarro, 96747 Crespodasilva, and 2044 Wirt.

Almost all symbols for minor planets named after astronomers follow the same pattern: a unique monogram based on their name, atop a small circle containing a star, a glyph which represents how the eyes or minds of the astronomers are on the heavens. There is some variation in this pattern, with the monogram replaced or accompanied by a significant discovery or field of study of the referent's.

I think there is a certain kind of logic in basing the symbols of off the referent's names. A scientists name, second perhaps to their CV, is the thing that identifies them uniquely in their field, that connects their publications to their career. Much is made of having a non-ambiguous and consistent name over the course of one's academic life.

The following is a list of all minor planets named after astronomers, with a column that lists the unique top-half of their symbols. This is partially to keep me from repeating any symbols accidentally. There are also plenty of people who are astronomers but are known mainly for things other than astronomy; their names may be compiled elsewhere, but they are included in the astronomer tag.

162 Laurentia Mysterious astronomer A. Laurent L
238 Hypatia Hypatia, Hellenistic philosopher and astronomer H
281 Lucretia Caroline Lucretia Herschel C_H_L
339 Dorothea Dorothea Klumpke Roberts DR
340 Eduarda E
349 Dembowska Ercole Dembowski, stud. double stars D w/ chalkboard bold
366 Vincentina Vincenzo Cerulli VC, but over empty circle
511 Davida David P. Todd D
720 Bohlinia Karl Petrus Theodor Bohlin, astronomer, studied Jupiter's perturbations KB
726 Joella Discoverer, astronomer Joel H. Metcalf J, but over open circle
729 Watsonia James Craig Watson, disc. 22 asteroids W
749 Malzovia Russian amateur astronomer S. I. Malzov, original owner of Simeis Observatory's land Crossed swords
760 Massinga A. Massinger, assistant astronomer at Heidelberg Obs., died in WWI M
761 Brendelia Otto Rudolf Martin Brendel OB
767 Bondia W.C. and G.P. Bond B
768 Struveana F.G.W. and O.W. and H. Struve S
776 Berbericia German astronomer Adolf Berberich AB
784 Pickeringia E.C. and W.H. Pickering P
786 Bredichina Feodor Alexandrovich Bredichin/Ф.А. Бредихин Б
792 Metcalfia Joel H. Metcalf, again J, but over open circle
806 Gyldenia Johan August Hugo Glyde‘n HG
807 Ceraskia Vitold Karlovich Ceraski, Russian astronomer BC
813 Baumeia H. Baum, student of astronomy at Heidelberg, died in WWI. HB
818 Kapteynia Jacobus Cornelius Kapteyn K in long ellipse
819 Barnardiana Edward Emerson Barnard EB
827 Wolfiana Max Wolf MW, reversed
828 Lindermannia Prof. Adolf F. Lindemann, invented an electrometer AL
834 Burnhamia Sherburne Wesley Burnham; double stars B w/ chalkboard bold
848 Inna Inna Nikolaevna Leman-Balanovskaya, astronomer at Pulkovo Obs. Л-Б
854 Frostia Edwin Brant Frost EF
855 Newcombia Simon Newcomb SN
856 Backlunda Johann Oscar Backlund JB
857 Glasnappia Sergej Pavlov Glasenapp, Russian Γ
872 Holda Edward Singleton Holden E_H_S, but over empty circle
892 Seeligeria Hugo Hans von Seeliger, studied saturns rings vS
901 Brunsia Ernst Heinrich Bruns, professor of astronomy E_B_H
903 Nealley Neally, New York amateur astronomer N
914 Palisana Johann Palisa, disc. 122 asteroids JP
972 Cohnia German Astronomer F. Cohn FC
982 Franklina John Franklin-Adams, British astronomer J_A_F, but over empty circle
989 Schwassmannia German astronomer Arnold Schwassmann AS
993 Moultona American astronomer Forest Ray Moulton FM
995 Sternberga Pavel Shternberg/Павел Карлович Штернберг Ш
998 Bodea German astronomer Johann Elert Bode J_B_E
999 Zachia Franz Xaver von Zach Z
1000 Piazzia Giuseppe Piazzi, discovered Ceres Cerean C
1002 Olbersia H.W.M. Olbers, discovered Pallas and Vesta Pallas diamond + vesta base
1004 Belopolskya A. A. Belopolsky
1005 Arago François Arago FA
1019 Strackea Gustav Stracke, astronomer GS
1020 Cannonia Annie Jump Cannon AC
1021 Flammario Nicolas Camille Flammarion F
1024 Hale George Ellery Hale, studied sunspots GH
1025 Riema Johannes Reim JR
1040 Klumpkea Dorothea Klumpke Roberts DR reversed
1074 Beljawskya Sergey Belyavsky (Серге́й Ива́нович Беля́вский) СБ
1102 Pepita Josep Comas i Sola` nickname CiS, but over open circle
1111 Reinmuthia Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth, disc. 395 asteroids KR
1118 Hanskya Alexis Hansky AH
1120 Cannonia Annie Jump Cannon, catalogued countless stars J_A_C
1123 Shapleya Harlow Shapely HS
1124 Stroobantia Paul Stroobant PS
1129 Neujmina G.N. Neujmin/Григорий Николаевич Неуймин ГH
1134 Kepler Johannes Kepler JK
1137 Raïssa Raïssa Izrailevna Maseeva RM
1164 Kobolda Hermann Kobold, editor of Astronomische Nachrichten
1167 Dubiago Alexander Dubyago (Александр Дмитриевич Дубяго) Д
1177 Gonnessia François Gonnessiat G
1186 Turnera Herbert Hall Turner HT
1189 Terenia Lidiya Ivanovna Terenteva ЛT
1190 Pelagia Pelageya Fedorovna Shajn (Пелагея Фёдоровна Шайн) ПШ
1204 Renzia Franz Robert Renz FR
1205 Ebella Martin Ebell ME
1206 Numerowia Boris Vasilyevich Numerov (Борис Васильевич Нумеров) БН
1207 Ostenia Hans Osten HO
1215 Boyer Louis Boyer LB
1217 Maximiliana Max Wolf MW, but over empty circle
1230 Riceia Hugh Rice
1235 Schorria Richard Schorr
1239 Queteleta Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet LQ
1241 Dysona Frank Watson Dyson, saw Einsteins eclipse FD
1255 Schilowa Mariya Vasilyevna Zhilova
1257 Móra Károly Móra
1262 Sniadeckia Jan Śniadecki
1272 Delportia Eugène Delporte
1280 Baillauda Jules Baillaud
1286 Banachiewicz Tadeusz Banachiewicz
1299 Mertona Gerald Merton
1303 Luthera Karl Theodor Robert Luther, disc. 24 asteroids KL
1310 Villigera Walter A. Villiger
1311 Knopfia Otto Knopf
1322 Coppernicus Nicolaus Copernicus
1328 Devota Fortunato Devoto
1334 Lundmarka Knut Lundmark
1335 Demoulin Demoulin
1341 Edmée Edmée Chandon
1344 Caubeta Paul Caubeta
1361 Leuschneria Armin Otto Leuschner
1365 Henyey Louis G. Henyey
1370 Hella Helene Nowacki
1386 Storeria Norman Wyman Storer
1398 Donnera Anders Donner
1402 Eri Erika Kollnig-Schattschneider, astronomer K-S
1403 Idelsonia Naum Idelson
1412 Lagrula Philippe Lagrula, disc. 775 Lumiere PL
1416 Renauxa P. Renauxa
1418 Fayeta Gaston-Jules Fayet
1422 Strömgrenia Elis Strömgren
1455 Mitchella Maria Mitchell, disc. named comet M in comet
1439 Vogtia Heinrich Vogt
1440 Rostia Johann Leonhard Rost
1448 Lindbladia Bertil Lindblad
1450 Raimonda Jean Jacques Raimond
1455 Mitchella Maria Mitchell
1463 Nordenmarkia Nils Viktor Emanuel Nordenmark
1466 Mündleria Max Mündler
1476 Cox Jacques Cox
1477 Bonsdorffia Ilmari Bonsdorff
1483 Haikola Kosti Johannes Hakoila
1487 Boda Karl Boda
1492 Oppolzer Theodor Ritter von Oppolzer, professor of astronomy vO
1501 Baade Walter Baade, 10 asteroids, measured Andromeda WB
1502 Arenda Sylvain Julien Victor Arend
1509 Esclangona Ernest Esclangon
1510 Charlois Auguse Honoré Chalois, 99 asteroids A_C_H
1515 Perrotin Joseph Athanase Perrotin
1516 Henry Paul and Prosper Henry, brothers H w/ two small P’s on left
1527 Malmquista Gunnar Malmquist
1538 Detre László Detre
1539 Borrelly Alphonse Louis Nicolas Borrelly, 18 ast., comet B in comet
1542 Schalén Car Schalén
1543 Bourgeois Paul Bourgeois
1544 Vinterhansenia Julie Marie Vinter Hansen
1545 Thernöe Karl August Thernöe
1546 Izsák Imre Gyula Izsák
1551 Argelander Friedrich Wilhelm Argelander F_A_W
1558 Järnefelt Gustaf Järnefelt
1559 Kustaanheimo Paul H. Kustaanheimo, astronomer at Helsinki P_K_H
1560 Strattonia Frederick John Marrian Stratton
1562 Gondolatsch Friedrich Gondolatsch, astronomer FG
1565 Lemaître Georges Lemaître
1571 Cesco Reynaldo Cesco and Carlos Ulrrico Cesco
1573 Väisälä Yrjö Väisälä V
1574 Meyer G. Meyer
1577 Reiss Guy Reiss, French? astronomer GR
1578 Kirkwood Daniel Kirkwood DK
1579 Herrick Samuel Herrick, specialty in celestial mechanics
1586 Thiele Thorvald Nicolai Thiele
1587 Kahrstedt Albrecht Kahrstedt AK
1591 Baize Paul Baize, studied double stars PB w/ chalkboard bold
1594 Danjon Andre`-Louis Danjon, measured earthshine on moon AD
1597 Laugier Margueritte Laugier, French astronomer ML
1598 Paloque Émile Paloque
1600 Vysstotsky A.N. Vyssotsky/Алекса́ндр Никола́евич Высо́тский H_A_B
1601 Patry Andre` Patry, disc. 9 asteroids AP
1604 Tombaugh Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of pluto Head of Pluto
1605 Milankovitch M. Milankovitch, Yugoslav astronomer MM
1606 Jekhovsky Benjamin Jekhovsky Вениамин Павлович Жеховский Russian-French astronomer
1608 Muñoz F. A. Muñoz
1611 Beyer Max Beyer
1612 Hirose Hideo Hirose (広瀬秀雄)
1613 Smiley Charles Hugh Smiley
1614 Goldschmidt Hermann Mayer Salomon Goldschmidt, disc. Lutetia Lutetia - fleur-de-lis
1615 Bardwell Conrad Bardwell
1616 Filipoff Lionel Filipoff, astronomer LF
1617 Alschmitt Alfred Schmitt
1619 Ueta Jo Ueta (上田穣)
1622 Chacornac Jean Chacornac, disc. Phocaea JC
1624 Rabe Eugene Rabe
1628 Strobel Willy Strobel
1629 Pecker Jean-Claude Pecker
1630 Milet Bernard Milet
1631 Kopff August Kopff
1632 Sieböhme Siegfried Sieböhme
1635 Bohrmann
1636 Porter Jermain and John Porter
1637 Swings Pol F. Springs PF
1639 Bower Ernest Clare Bower
1642 Hill George William Hill G_H_W
1643 Brown Ernest William Brown
1645 Waterfield Reginald & William Waterfield
1646 Rosseland Svein Rosseland
1648 Shajna Grigory Shajn
1649 Fabre Hervé Fabre
1650 Heckmann Otto Heckmann
1651 Behrens Johann Behrens
1654 Bojeva Nina Bojeva
1655 Comas Sola Josep Comas i Sola` CiS
1657 Roemer Elizabeth Roemer
1658 Innes Robert Thorburn Ayton Innes
1660 Wood Harry Edwin Wood
1663 van de Bos Willem Hendrik van de Bos vdB
1666 van Gent Hendrik van Gent vG
1667 Pels Gerrit Pels
1670 Minnaert Marcel Gilles Jozef Minnaert
1673 van Houten Cornelis Johannes van Houten vH
1674 Groenveld Ingrid van Houren-Groenveld
1677 Tycho Brahe TB
1686 De Sitter Willem de Sitter dS
1688 Wilkens Alexander Wilkens
1690 Mayrhofer Karl Mayrhofer
1691 Oort Jan Oort Oo
1692 Subbotina Mikhail Subbotin
1693 Hertzsprung Ejnar Hertzsprung
1694 Kaiser Frederik Kaiser
1703 Barry Roger Barry
1704 Wachmann Arno Arthur Wachmann
1706 Dieckvoss Wilhelm Dieckvoss
1708 Pòlit Isidre Pòlit i Boixareu
1710 Gothard Jenõ Gothard
1713 Bancilhon Odette Bancilhon
1714 Sy Fre`d e`ric Sy FS
1722 Goffin Edwin Goffin
1723 Klemola Irja and Arnold Richard Klemola
1726 Hoffmeister Cuno Hoffmeister
1734 Zhongolovich Ivan Zhongolovich
1737 Severny Andrei Severnyi
1738 Oosterhoff P. T. Oosterhoff
1739 Meyermann Bruno Meyermann
1741 Giclas Henry L. Giclas, discovered a comet G in comet
1742 Schaifers Karl Schaifers
1745 Ferguson James Ferguson, disc. Euphrosyne, Virginia, Echo JF
1746 Brouwer Dirk Brouwer
1747 Wright William Wright
1748 Mauderli Sigmund Mauderli
1751 Herget Paul Herget
1752 van Herk Gijsbert van Herk
1754 Cunningham Leland E. Cunningham
1756 Giacobini Michel Giacobini
1759 Kienle Hans Kienle
1761 Edmondson Frank Kelley Edmondson FE
1762 Russel Henry Norris Russell
1764 Cogshall Wilbur A. Cogshall
1765 Wrubel Marshal Wrubel
1766 Slipher Vesto Slipher and Earl C. Slipher V&E S
1767 Lampland Carl Otto Lampland
1769 Carlos Torres Carlos Guillermo Torres, and Carlos Torres R.
1770 Schlesinger Frank Schlesinger
1771 Makover Samuel Makover
1774 Kulikov Dmitri Kulikov
1776 Kuiper Gerard. P. Kuiper K
1777 Gehrels Tom Gehrels
1778 Alfvén Hannes Alfvén
1780 Kippes Pastor Otto Kippes OK
1781 Van Biesbroek George Van Biesbroeck
1782 Schneller Heribert Schneller
1783 Albitskij Vladimir Aleksandrovich Albitskii
1785 Wurm Karl Wurm
1788 Kiess Carl Clarence Kiess
1794 Finsen William Stephen Finsen
1795 Woltjer Jan Woltjer
1797 Schaumasse Alexandre Schaumasse
1798 Watts Chester Burleigh Watts
1800 Aguilar Félix Aguilar
1802 Zhang Heng Ancient Chinese astronomer
1803 Zwicky Fritz Zwicky, studied rotation curves & dm FZ
1804 Chebotarev Gleb Aleksandrovitch Chebotarev
1805 Dirikis Matiss Dīriķis
1811 Bruwer Jacobus Albertus Bruwer
1820 Lohmann Werner Lohmann
1823 Gliese Wilhelm Gliese
1825 Klare Gerhard Klare
1826 Miller | John Anthony Miller
1827 Atkinson Robert d’Escourt Atkinson
1829 Dawson Bernhard Dawson
1830 Pogson Norman Robert Pogson, developed magnitudes NP
1831 Nicholson Seth Barnes Nicholson Pasiphae Π, solar dot, Jovian cross
1832 Mrkos Antonin Mrkos, 274 asteroids Bivoj + Mentor Boar + Athenian M
1833 Shmakova Marina Valentinovna Shmakova
1846 Bengt Bengt G.D. Stromgren BS
1847 Stobbe Joachim Otto Stobbe
1849 Kresák Ľubor Kresák
1850 Kohoutek Lubos Kohoutek, discovered a comet i guess LK
1851 Lacroute Pierre Lacroute
1852 Carpenter Edwin Francis Carpenter
1854 Skvortsov Evgenii Fredorovich Skvortsov
1857 Parchomenko Praskoviya Georgievna Parchomenko
1877 Marsden Brian G. Marsden
1880 McCrosky Richard Eugene McCrosky
1884 Skip Gunter Schwartz
1886 Lowell Percival Lowell, discovered Pluto PL monogram
1888 Zu Chong-Zhi Ancient Chinese astronomer and mathematician
1892 Lucienne Lucienne Divan
1894 Haffner Hans Haffner
1895 Larink Johannes Larink
1896 Beer Arthur Beer Be
1897 Hind John Russel Hind
1898 Cowell Philip Herbert Cowell
1899 Crommelin Andrew Claude de la Cherois Crommelin
1902 Shaposhnikov Vladimir Grigorevich Shaposhnikov
1904 Massevitch Alla Genrikhovna Massevich
1905 Ambartsumian Victor Ambartsumian
1906 Naef Robert A. Naef
1910 Mikhailov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Mikhailov
1911 Schubart Joachim Schubart
1913 Sekanina Zdenek Sekanina ZS
1919 Clemence Gerald Maurice Clemence
1925 Franklin-Adams John Franklin-Adams, British astronomer, again F-A
1932 Jansky Karl Guthe Lansky
1934 Jeffers Hamilton Jeffers
1940 Whipple Fred L.Whipple FW
1941 Wild Paul Wild PW
1945 Wesselink Adriaan Wesselink
1946 Walraven Theodore Walraven
1950 Wempe Johann Wempe
1953 Rupertwildt Rupert Wildt
1954 Kukarin Borris Vasilyevich Kukarin
1955 McMath Robert Raynolds McMath
1958 Chandra Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
1964 Luyten Willem Jacob Luyten
1965 van de Kamp Peter van de Kamp PK
1967 Menzel Donald Howard Menzel
1971 Hagihara Yusuke Hagihara
1972 Yi Xing Yi Xing
1975 Pikelner Solomon Pikelner
1976 Kaverin Aleksej Aleksandrovich Kaverin
1983 Bok Bart J. and Priscilla F. Bok B&P B
1985 Hopmann Josef Hopmann
1986 Plaut Lukas Plaut
1987 Kaplan Samuil Aronovich Kaplan
1990 Pilcher Frederick Pilcher
1991 Darwin Charles Darwin, naturalist, and George Darwin, astronomer
1994 Shane C. Donald Shane
1995 Hajek Tadeas Hajek TH
1996 Adams John Couch Adams
1997 Leverrier Urbain Le Verrier Historical Neptunian LV
1998 Titius Johann Daniel Titius J_T_D
1999 Hirayama Kiyotsugu Hirayama/平山 清次
2000 Herschel William Herschel Historic Uranuian H
2003 Harding Karl Ludwig Harding, disc. of Juno Juno starburst
2005 Hencke Karl Ludwig Hencke, disc. Astraea and Hebe Astraea + Hebe; Cup over anchor legs
2012 Guo Shou-Jing Guo Shou-Jing/郭守敬
2018 Schuster Hans-Emil Schuster S in comet
2044 Wirt Astronomer and discoverer, Carl A. Wirtanen. One of only a few cases where a minor planet is named after its discoverer CW
2069 Hubble H_0
2074 Shoemaker Eugene M. Shoemaker ES
2097 Galle Johann Gottfried Galle, co-discovered neptune G over Neptune
2099 Öpik Ö
2126 Jugta J.U. Gunter's "Tonight's Asteroids" J_G_U
2165 Young Charles Augustus Young CY
2198 Ceplecha Zdeneˇk Ceplecha ZC
2227 Otto Struve OS
2234 Schmadel Lutz D. Schmadel L_S_D
2281 Biela Wilhelm von Biela vB
2308 Schilt Jan Schilt JS
2325 Chernykh Ludmilla I and Nikolaj S. Cerynkh Л&Н Ч
2383 Bradley Martin and Maud Bradley M&M B
2439 Ulugbek Ulugbek Mukhammed Taragaj UT
2602 Moore Patrick Moore PM
2635 Huggins William Huggins WH
2646 Abetti Antonio Abetti and son, Giorgio Abetti A&G A
2688 Halley H in comet
2709 Sagan Carl Sagan CS
2751 Campbell W.W. Campbell WC
2772 Dugan Raymond Smith Dugan RD
2780 Monnig Oscar Monnig OM
2801 Huygens Christiaan Huygens, discovered Titan CH
2804 Yrjö Yrjö Väisälä, again V, but over empty circle
2813 Zappala‘ Vincenzo Zappala` VZ
2842 Unso¨ld Albrecht Unso¨ld AU
2849 Shklovskij I.S. Shklovskij/Ио́сиф Самуи́лович Шкло́вский ИШ
2874 Jim Young JY
2875 Lagerkvist Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist CL
2897 Ole Romer Ole Ro¨mer OR
2900 Lubos Perek Lubos Perek LP
2917 Sawyer Hogg Sawyer Hogg SH
2974 Holden Edward Singleton Holden, again E_H_S
2996 Bowman Fred N. Bowman F_B_N
3070 Aitken Lick Aitken; some double stars A w/ chalkboard bold
3078 Horrocks Jeremiah Horrocks JH
3095 Omarkhayyam Omar Khayyam/یام نیشابورﻯ‎‎ خ
3115 Baily Francis Baily F_B_L
3116 Goodricke John Goodricke, disc. Delta Cephei JG
3123 Dunham David W. Dunham, studied occultations DD
3169 Ostro Steven J. Ostro SO
3174 Alcock George E. D. Alcock, disc. 5 comets and 4 novae GA
3184 Raab Herbert Raab, author of the Astrometrica software HR
3216 Harrington Robert S. Harrington, studied pluto RH
3236 Strand Kaj Aa. Strand, studied double stars S w/ chalkboard bold
3255 Tholen David J. Tholen DT
3267 Glo Eleanor F. ”Glo” Helin, disc. 2062 Aten E_H_F
3277 Aaronson Marc Aaronson MA
3282 Spencer Jones Spencer Jones, triangulated dist. to 433 Eros SJ
3299 Hall John Scoville Hall J_H_S
3337 Milosˇ Miloˇs Tichy´ MT
3449 Abell George O. Abell G_A_O
3467 Bernheim Robert Burnham Jr RB
3487 Edgeworth Kenneth Essex Edgeworth KE
3545 Gaffey Michael J. Gaffey MG
3549 Hapke Bruce W. Hapke BH
3594 Scotti James V. Scotti J_S_V
3673 Levy David H. Levy, did some comet stuff D_L_H
3722 Urata Takeshi Urata/浦田 武
3742 Sunshine Astronomer Sun with short rays over star in circle
3808 Tempel Wilhelm Ernst Tempel disc. 16 comets, 5 m.p. WT
3847 Sˇindel Jan Ondrˇeju°v JO
3866 Langley Samuel Pierpont Langley , founded SAO SL
3936 Elst Eric W. Elst, Trojan searcher EE
3962 Valyaev Valerij Ivanovich Valyaev/Валерий Иванович Валяев? BB
3999 Aristarchus Aristarchus of Samos/Ἀρίσταρχος A
4000 Hipparchus Hipparchus of Nicea/Ἵππαρχος I
4001 Ptolemaeus Claudius Ptolemy/Κλαύδιος Πτολεμαῖος Π
4037 Ikeya Kaoru Ikeya/池谷 薫
4062 Schiaparelli Giovanni Virgilio Schiaparelli, disc. "canali" GS
4065 Meinel Aden Meinel B_A_M
4143 Huziak
4169 Celsius C^o
4279 De Gasparis Annibale De Gasparis, disc. 10,11,13,15,16,20… AG
4364 Shkodrov Vladimir Shkodrov/Владимир Георгиев Шкодров
4549 Burkhardt Gernot Burkhardt GB
4567 Becvar Anton´ın Beˇcv´aˇr AB w/ double-Leo tails Czech
4587 Rees Martin J. Rees, stud. galactiv evolution MR
4593 Reipurth Bo Reipurth BR
4790 Petrpravec Petr Pravec PP
4866 Badillo Victor L. Badillo VB
5080 Oja Tarmo Oja TO
5704 Schumacher Heinrich Christian Schumacher, started AN H_S_C
5035 Swift Lewis Swift, comet discoverer LS
5036 Tuttle Horace P. Tuttle, disc. comets and Maja and Klytia HT in comet
5392 Parker Don Parker DP
5430 Luu Jane X. Luu JL
5655 Barney Ida Barney IB
5726 Rubin Vera Cooper Rubin V_R_C
5757 Ticha’ Jana Tich´a JT
5826 Bradstreet David Bradstreet DB
5943 Lovi George Lovi GL
6006 Anaximandros Anaximander of Miletus A_M
6075 Zajtzev Aleksandr Leonidovich Zajtsev/А.Л. Зайцев З
6076 Plavec Mirek J. Plavec MP
6391 Africano John L. Africano J_A_L
6398 Timhunter Tim Hunter, studied light pollution Polluted sun top&bottom bars
6696 Eubanks T. Marshall Eubanks, studied Earth rotation & polar T_E_M
6779 Perrine Charles Dillon Perrine, disc. Himalia & Elara CP
7086 Bopp Tom Bopp and father, Frank Bopp T&F B
7291 Hyakutake Yuji Hyakutake/百武 裕司
7359 Messier Charles Messier, cat. nebulae, clusters, galaxies CM
7948 Whitaker Ewen A. Whitaker EW
8068 Vishnureddy Vishnu Reddy VR
8140 Hardersen Paul S. Hardersen PH
8216 Melosh H. Jay Melosh HM
8391 Kring David A. Kring, studied Cicxulub crater D_K_A
8404 Strom ?not sure
8558 Hack Margherita Hack MH
8690 Swindle Timothy D. Swindle TS
8785 Boltwood Paul Boltwood PB
9121 Stefanovalentini Stefano Valentini, wrote software WinAstrometry SF
9122 Hunten Donald M. Hunten DH
9133 d'Arrest Heinrich Louis d’Arrest, co-discovered neptune A over Neptune
9134 Encke Johann Franz Encke, discovered comet E in comet
9207 Petersmith Peter H. Smith P_S_H
9494 Donici Nicolae Donici, obs. 6 solar eclipses ND
10172 Humphreys Roberta M. Humphreys, Minnesota astronomer and professor, NOT Hydrogen n=6 ! R_H_M
10633 Akimasa Akimasa Nakamura/中村 彰正
10950 Albertjansen Albert Jansen AJ
11577 Einasto Jaan Einasto JE
11695 Mattei Janet Akyüz Mattei, obs. variable stars JM
11755 Paczynski Bohdan Paczynski BP
11762 Vogel Hermann Carl Vogel HV
12742 Delisle Joseph-Nicolas Delisle JD
12787 Abetadashi
13624 Abeosamu Osamu Abe OA
14124 Kamil Kamil Hornoch KH
14120 Espenak Fred Espenak Jr, studied solar eclipses solar eclipse sun + moon
14322 Shakura Nikolai Ivanovich Shakura/Николай Иванович Шакура
14335 Alexosipov Alexandr Kuzmich Osipov/A.K.O AO
14825 Fieber-Beyer Sherry K. Fieber-Beyer FB
15395 Rukl Anton´ın R¨ukl AR
15420 Aedouglass Andrew Ellicott Douglass A_D_E
15467 Aflorsch Alphonse Florsch AF
15955 Johannesgmunden Johannes von Gmunden vG
15963 Koeberl Christian Koeberl CK
16217 Peterbroughton Peter Broughton? PB
16682 Donati Giovanni Battista Donati GD
18150 Lo‘pex Morena José J. Lopez-Moreno, studied titan atmosphere JM w/ Titanian circle
19139 Apian Peter Apian PA
20264 Frappa Eric Frappa, studies occultation of stars by minor planets Circle with star on left and arrow crossing from left to right
24898 Alanholmes Alan W. Holmes, Italian astronomer A_H_W
24988 Alainmilsztajn Alain Milsztajn, stud. protons & dark matter AM w/ lensing
29483 Boeker
29508 Botinelli Lucette Botinelli, French radio astronomer, used 21cm H line to reconcile Hubble constant values LB w/ echo lines
31028 Cerulli Vincenzo Cerulli, again VC
36445 Smalley Kyle Smalley KS
37729 Akiratakao
49109 Agnesraab
60406 Albertosuci
68730 Straizys Vytautas Straizys VS
72021 Yisunji Yi Sunji/易孫吉
92893 Michaelperson Michael J. Person, stud. Triton & Charon M_P_J
95593 Azusienis Algimantas Azusienis AA
96747 Crespodasilva Lucy d’Escoffier Crespo da Silva, discoverer of this asteroid, died shotly thereafter CdS
99503 Leewonchul David W. Lee/Won Chul Lee/원 철 리
103422 Laurisire‘n
106817 Yubangtaek Yu, Bangtaek/?
117032 Davidlane David Lane? DL
133007 Audreysimmons Audrey E. Simmons A_S_E
133008 Snedden Stephanie Snedden SS
133009 Watters Shannon P. Waters SW
135978 Agüeros Marcel A. Agüeros M_A_A
135979 Allam Sahar Allam SA
135980 Scottanderson Scott F. Anderson S_A_F
137082 Maurobachini Mauro Bachini MB
137165 Annis Jim Annis JA
138221 Baldry Ivan K. Baldry, studies galaxy color I_B_K
144907 Whitehorn
152217 Akosipov Alexandr Kuzmich Osipov/A.K.O, again AO, but over empty circle
161693 Attilladako
165347 Philplait Phil Cary Plait, science educator P_P_C
171153 Allanrahill
234750 Amymainzer Amy Mainzer, WISE’s minor planet investigator AM
260235 Attwood
263909 Yuanfengfang
347940 Jorgezuluaga Jorge Zuluaga, exoplanets JZ
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