Info: Der Lahrer Hinkender Bote

Lahrer Hinkender Bote is the name of a calendar that has been published and printed out of the city of Lahr, Germany since the year 1800 [1]. It has been the source of a number of minor planet names, thanks to astronomer Karl Reinmuth, who discovered so many minor planets that he apparently just started naming them at random from names in this calendar.

The name of this calendar translates roughly to "The Lahr Limping Messenger," in reference to the fact that at the time, people who were physically disabled yet still mobile mostly had jobs as couriers and newspaper sellers; the original cover of the calendar had an image of a man with a prosthetic leg in a veteran's military jacket. Calendars have an interesting history in Germany. They functioned sort of like newspapers or magazines, and printed information and articles relevant to the local people. See the image below, commemorating the 200-year anniversary of this publication.


The list of minor planets named after women's names from this calendar are:

799 Gudula
913 Otila
918 Itha
920 Rogeria
921 Jovita
923 Herluga
924 Toni
926 Imhilde
928 Hildrun
929 Algunde
936 Kuningunde
938 Chlosinde
939 Isberga
940 Kordula
942 Romilda
948 Jucunda
963 Iduberga
983 Gunila
985 Rosina
987 Wallia
994 Otthild
997 Priska
1144 Oda

Most of the original issues of this publication exist as scans [2] available online. It may be interesting to dig through that back catalog and see where exactly Reinmuth pulled each name. That sounds like a lot of work though, magnified by my lack of German fluency. Maybe later.



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