Info: Titans

The Titans are the predecessors to the Olympian Gods from Greek myth, and the successors of the primordial deities.

The list of primordials is weird and sometimes kind of long and inconsistent, but here are some of the ones that are very commonly cited to be primordials, and their primordial offspring:

The original twelve Titans are the children of Gaia and Uranus. They, and their children, are listed below:

Additionally, Gaia and Uranus indirectly produced a bunch of monster children, mainly giants, which happened when Cronus castrated him and the semen and blood got onto the Earth. These include:

  • Erinyes or Furies
  • Meliae, nymphs of the ash tree
  • Hecatoncheires, the hundred-handed giants
  • Giants or Gigantes
    • Agrius
    • Alcyoneus
    • Alektos/Allektos
    • Aristaeus
    • Astarias/Aster/Asterius/Asterus ("Bright One" or "Glitterer")
    • Clytius
    • Damysus
    • Enceladus (Saturn II Enceladus)
    • Ephialtes
    • Euryalus
    • Eurymedon
    • Eurytus
    • Gration/Aigaion/Eurytion/Rhaion
    • Hopladamas/Hopladamus
    • Hippolytus
    • Lion/Leon
    • Mimas/Mimon/Mimos (Saturn I Mimas)
    • Pallas, not to be confused with 2 Pallas; he was either killed by Athena's aegis, or became the material for it.
    • Pelorus
    • Picolous
    • Polybotes
    • Porphyrion
    • Thoas/Thoon
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