List 1-1000
1 Ceres Roman goddess of agriculture
2 Pallas Pallas Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom
3 Juno Roman goddess queen
4 Vesta Roman goddess of the hearth
5 Astraea Greek goddess of pure justice
6 Hebe Greek goddess of youth
7 Iris Greek goddess of rainbows
8 Flora Roman goddess of flowers
9 Metis Greek titaness of deep thought
10 Hygiea Greek goddess of health
11 Parthenope Greek siren, founder of Naples
12 Victoria Roman goddess of victory
13 Egeria Roman nymph, consort of King Numa
14 Irene Greek personification of peace
15 Eunomia Greek Hora of law
16 Psyche Greek mortal, Cupid's true love
17 Thetis Greek, mother of Achilles
18 Melpomene Greek muse of tragedy
19 Fortuna Roman goddess of luck
20 Massalia French city (la. Greek)
21 Lutetia Roman City, now Paris (la. Greek)
22 Kalliope Calliope, Greek muse of epic poetry
23 Thalia Greek muse of comedy; grace
24 Themis Greek titaness of order
25 Phocaea Foca, Turkey (la. Greek), and the ancient city that predated it.
26 Proserpina Roman bride of Pluto, goddess of seasons
27 Euterpe Greek muse of music
28 Bellona Roman goddess of war
29 Amphitrite Greek goddess of the sea
30 Urania Greek muse of astronomy
31 Euphrosyne Greek Grace of beauty
32 Pomona Roman goddess of orchard fruit
33 Polyhymnia Greek muse of Hymn
34 Circe Greek witch goddess
35 Leukothea Leucothea, Greek sea nymph, white goddess of the sea
36 Atalante Atalanta, Greek heroine
37 Fides Roman goddess of loyalty
38 Leda Greek figure, mother of Helen
39 Laetitia Roman goddess of gaeity
40 Harmonia Greek goddess of harmony
41 Daphne Greek nymph
42 Isis Egyptian mother goddess
43 Ariadne Greek heroine, mistress of the Labyrinth
44 Nyse Greek mythical land of Dionysus' origin
45 Eugenia Eugénie de Montijo, last French empress consort
46 Hestia Greek goddess of the hearth; also, one of the Hesperides
47 Aglaja Aglaea, Greek Grace of Splendor
48 Doris Greek sea nymph of ocean diversity
49 Pales Roman god/dess of Sheperds
50 Virginia Either the US State, or the famous BC Roman girl.
51 Nemausa Nemausus, Celtic Patron god of Nîmes
52 Europa Greek figure, conquest of Zeus
53 Kalypso Greek sea nymph Calypso, "the concealer," captor of Odysseus
54 Alexandra Alexander von Humboldt, Prussian Scientist and Explorer of New World
55 Pandora Greek figure who opened a naughty box
56 Melete Greek Boetian muse of meditation or practice
57 Mnemosyne Greek titan of memory
58 Concordia Roman goddess of harmony
59 Elpis Greek personification of hope
60 Echo Greek mountain nymph, loved Narcissus
61 Danaë Greek mother of Perseus
62 Erato Greek muse of love poetry
63 Ausonia Archaic Italy (la. Latin)
64 Angelina Astronomical observatory in Marseille
65 Cybele Phrygian mother goddess, goddess of the forest
66 Maja Maia, Greek Pleiade
67 Asia Greek titan; also, Oceanid
68 Leto Greek titan, mothered Apollo & Artemis
69 Hesperia Archaic Italy (la. Greek); also setting sun or evening star
70 Panopaea Panopea, Greek nereid
71 Niobe Greek figure, eternal mourner
72 Feronia Roman vulgar fertility goddess
73 Klytia Greek oceanid, lover of Helios
74 Galatea Greek nymph, or statue
75 Eurydike Eurydice, Greek nymph & wife of Orpheus
76 Freia Freyja or Freya, Norse goddess of Love
77 Frigga Frigg, Norse mother god
78 Diana Roman goddess of the hunt (as Artemis)
79 Eurynome Many Greek figures; Oceanid, mother of the Graces w/ Zeus. Probably not the primordial goddess.
80 Sappho Greek lyric poet
81 Terpsichore Greek muse of dance
82 Alkmene Alcmene, mother of Hercules
83 Beatrix Beatrice Portinari, beloved of Dante A.
84 Klio Clio, Greek muse of History
85 Io Greek lover of Zeus
86 Semele Greek mother of Dionysius
87 Sylvia Rhea Sylvia, Roman figure
88 Thisbe Roman heroine of forbidden love
89 Julia St. Julia of Corsica, virgin martyr
90 Antiope Greek Amazon; or, rape victim of Zeus
91 Aegina Greek nymph of eponymous island
92 Undina Undine, German romantic water nymph, heroine of Friedrich de la Motte Fouque's novel
93 Minerva Roman goddess of wisdom (as Pallas Athena)
94 Aurora Roman goddess of dawn
95 Arethusa Greek Hesperide, lit "the waterer," also an ocean/river nymph/Nereid
96 Aegle Greek Hesperide
97 Klotho Clotho, 1st Greek Fate or Morai, spinner of the thread
98 Ianthe Greek; young girl who was betrothed to Iphis (the Cretan girl who Isis turned into a man)
99 Dike Greek; human justice; compare Themis, divine justice
100 Hekate Greek witch-goddess; many manifestations
101 Helena Helen, daughter of Zeus & Leda; caused Trojan War
102 Miriam Sister of Moses, prophet
103 Hera Greek queen goddess
104 Klymene Clymene, a common name in Greek Myth
105 Artemis Greek version of Diana, virgin moon goddess
106 Dione Greek mother of Aphrodite by Zeus
107 Camilla Daughter of Metabus, warrior queen
108 Hecuba Greek queen of Troy
109 Felicitas Roman goddess of success
110 Lydia Ancient kingdom in Asia Minor inhabited by Phrygians
111 Ate Greek goddess of mischief and folly
112 Iphigenia Daughter of Agamemnon
113 Amalthea A goat; nourished Zeus w/ goat milk
114 Kassandra Seer, gifted by Apollo, never believed
115 Thyra Early Danish queen
116 Sirona Celtic goddess of healing, name means "stellar" or "astral"
117 Lomia Lamia, Queen of Libya, insaned by Hera
118 Peitho Daughter of Hermes & Aphrodite; goddess of persuasion, attendant of Eros
119 Althea Mother of Meleager, burned the log that represented her murderous son's life
120 Lachesis Greek Fate; 2nd of 3 Morai, alotter of the thread
121 Hermione Daughter of Menelaus & Helen
122 Gerda Gerðr, norse jotun, wife of Freyr
123 Brunhild Queen in German Volsung Cycle, daughter of Odin & Erda; won by Siegfried for Gunther
124 Alkeste Alcestis, wife of Admetus
125 Liberatrix The ~1872 liberation of France
126 Velleda 1st century German priestess, provoked rebellion
127 Johanna Joan of Arc, saint, heroine
128 Nemesis Greek goddess of retribution
129 Antigone Daughter of Oedipus
130 Elektra Daughter of Agamemnon, not the Greek Pleiade
131 Vala Scandinavian prophetess
132 Aethra Mother of Theseus, or, one of the seven Oceanids -> Hyades
133 Cyrene Daughter of Hypseus, lion-wrestler, lover of Apollo
134 Sophrosyne One of Plato's virtues: equanimity, moderation, prudence, self-control
135 Hertha Nerthus, Teutonic/Scand. goddess of fertility
136 Austria The country Austria
137 Meliboea Oceanid, Daughter of Oceanus, married Pelasgus, bore Lycaon
138 Tolosa Toulouse, Roman colony, celebrated sciences
139 Juewa 瑞華星 (Jue-wa-sing), "Star of China's Fortune"
140 Siwa Živa, Slavic fertility goddess
141 Lumen Camille Flammarion's literary work
142 Polana Pola or Pula, city in Italy/Yugoslavia/Austria. NOT the one in Poland.
143 Adria Adriatic Sea, separates the Italian and Balkan peninsulas
144 Vibilia Roman goddess/patron of journeyings
145 Adeona Roman divinity/patroness of homecomings, guides children back home
146 Lucina Roman goddess of women and childbirth
147 Protogeneia Greek for "first-born."
148 Gallia France
149 Medusa One of the three gorgons
150 Nuwa Chinese myth character
151 Abundantia Roman goddess of abundance & prosperity
152 Atala Chateubriand's eponymous character
153 Hilda Eldest daughter of Aus. astronomer Theodor von Oppolzer
154 Bertha Berthe Martin-Flammarion, sister of Camille F.
155 Scyla Scylla, Greek six-headed sea monster
156 Xanthippe Wife of Socrates; a famous nag
157 Dejanira 2nd wife of Heracles, accidentally killed him with a Nessus-steeped cloak
158 Koronis Mother of Aesculapius, or one of the Hyades
159 Aemilia Via Aemilia, famous road from Piacenza (Placentia) to Rimini (Ariminum)
160 Una Heroine of Edmund Spenser's "Faerie Queen"
161 Athor Hathor, Egyptian fertility/love goddess
162 Laurentia Mysterious astronomer "A. Laurent"
163 Erigone Daughter of Icarus turned Virgo, or, figure from Trojan war.
164 Eva Unknown
165 Loreley Germanic siren; the "murmuring rock."
166 Rhodope Attendant of Artemis, turned into a mountain
167 Urda Norse Norn of the past, along with Verthandi/Werdandi and Skuld.
168 Sibylla The Greek Sibyls, prophetic women who interceded with gods.
169 Zelia Niece of Camille Flammarion
170 Maria Sister of orbit calculator Antonio Abetti
171 Ophelia From Shakespeare's Hamlet
172 Baucis She & Philemon hosted Zeus & Hermes graciously, got a palace, & turned into trees together upon their death.
173 Ino Wicked stepmother of Helle and Phrixus, raised Dionysus, later became Leucothea
174 Phaedra Woman from Greek myth
175 Andromache Wife of Hector, perfect wife
176 Idunna Ιthunn, norse goddess of youth & fruit
177 Irma Unknown
178 Belisana Belisama, Celtic goddess of wisdom
179 Klaetemnestra Clytemnestra, queen of Mycenae during Trojan War
180 Garumna Garonne river at Toulouse
181 Eucharis Nymph of Calypso, but not classically. Loved Telemachus
182 Elsa Empress Elsbeth of Austria, empress from 1854-1898
183 Istria Peninsula at the end of Adriatic sea, containing Trieste and Pola.
184 Dejopeja Deiopea, Juno's beautiful nymph
185 Eunike Greek water nymph of happy victory
186 Celuta Character in "René" and "Atala" by Chateaubriand
187 Lamberta Johann Heinrich Lambert
188 Menippee Greek daughter of Orion
189 Phthia Land surrounding mount Othrys
190 Ismene Daughter of Oedipus
191 Kolga "Cool waves," one of nine daughters of the sea god Aeger
192 Nausikaa Complex character in Odyssey
193 Ambrosia Food of the Greek gods
194 Prokne Procne, Greek woman-turned-swallow
195 Eurykleia Odysseus' nurse, recognized his boar scar
196 Philomela Greek woman-turned-nightingale
197 Arete Wife of King Alcinous and mother of Nausicaa; wise and hospitable
198 Ampella Ampelos, literally "vine," boy-love of Bacchus
199 Byblis Greek incestuous girl, turns into spring
200 Dynamene Greek nereid; also, name evokes two-ness
201 Penelope Wife of Odysseus
202 Chryseïs Daughter of Chryses priest of Apollo. Stolen by Achilles but thwarted, leading to Achilles' big hissy fit
203 Pompeja Pompeii, Roman city destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius
204 Kallisto Greek nymph of Artemis, victim of Zeus
205 Martha Biblical sister of Mary and Lazarus. Represents hospitality
206 Hersilia One of the Sabines, wife of Romulus, deified into the goddess Hora
207 Hedda Wife of F.A.T. Winnecke, niece of Otto Struve
208 Lacrimosa Mary, Jesus' mother, "lady of sorrows"
209 Dido Daughter of Belus, queen of Carthage, claimed land that could be surrounded by oxhide, suicided with sword.
210 Isabella Unknown
211 Isolda Iseult, love of Tristan in Grail Cycle
212 Medea Aided Jason in getting Golden Fleece, other stuff
213 Lilaea Greek Naiad (freshwater nymph), mortal spring/stream water nymph.
214 Aschera Asherah, Sidonian/Semitic mother goddess/goddess of fertility & sea
215 Oenone Nymph on Mt. Ida, wife of Paris, foretold inciting incident of the Trojan War.
216 Kleopatra Egyptian queen 69-30 BC
217 Eudora Greek Hyade, name lit. means "good gift"
218 Bianca Bianca Bianchi (stage name Bertha Scwarz), Vienna prima donna
219 Thusnelda German princess, wifed by Arminius who was defeated by Germanicus
220 Stephania Princess Stephanie of Belgium. Body named as wedding present
221 Eos Greek goddess of dawn
222 Lucia daughter of explorer Graf Wilczek
223 Rosa Unknown. Perhaps the flower?
224 Oceana Pacific Ocean
225 Henrietta Wife of astronomer P.J.C. Janssen
226 Weringia Wahring, part of Vienna
227 Philosophia Philosophy
228 Agathe Youngest daughter of astronomer Theodor von Oppolzer
229 Adelinda Wife of observatory director E. Weiss
230 Athamantis Also named Helle (brightness), daughter of Athamas kind of Thebes
231 Vindobona Vienna
232 Russia The Russia before the USSR
233 Asterope Greek pleiade
234 Barbara Saint Barbara
235 Carolina Caroline Island, atoll of the Line Islands. Easternmost land on Earth.
236 Honoria Roman godess of honor
237 Coelestina Wife of astronomer Theodor von Oppolzer
238 Hypatia Astronomer
239 Adrastea Adreasteia, greek nymph, cared for infant Zeus
240 Vanadis Freya, Norse goddess of love & beauty
241 Germania (Germany; perhaps also the personification)
242 Kriemhild Sister of Gunther, wife of siegfried
243 Ida Greek Nymph; Zeus' birth mountain
244 Sita Wife of Rama in Sanskrit "The Ramayana"; ideal spouse, everlasting faith. Somewhat of a goddess of the earth and fertility.
245 Vera Unknown
246 Asporina Asia Minor Mother goddess worshipped in Asporenus Mtns.
247 Eukrate Greek Nereid
248 Lameia Lover of Zeus, got a snake body & woman face/breasts for her troubles
249 Ilse Legendery princess of Harz mountains; also name of river in that area
250 Bettina Baroness Bettina von Rothschild
251 Sophia Wife of the German astronomer Hugo von Seeliger
252 Clementina Unknown
253 Mathilde Wife of the astronomer Moritz Loewy
254 Augusta Widow of Carl Ludwig von Littrow
255 Oppavia Troppeau, Austria/Czechoslovakia (?)
256 Walpurga Saint Walpurga, princess of Wessex, went to Germany to convert heathens.
257 Silesia Region in central Europe
258 Tyche Greek goddess of fortune, luck and destiny
259 Alethia Daughter of Zeus, nurse of Apollo, goddess of truth
260 Huberta St. Hubertus, patron of hunters
261 Prymno Oceanid nymph
262 Valda Unknown
263 Dresda Dresden, Germany
264 Libussa Princess who founded Prague
265 Anna Anny Weiss nee Kretschmar, daughter-in-law of Prof. E. Weiss
266 Aline Linda von Schuster, daughter of Prof. E. Weiss
267 Tirza Biblical Tirzah
268 Adorea Flat cake of meal and salt, offered by Romans as sacrifice to gods
269 Justitia Roman goddess of justice, of Jupiter and Astraea
270 Anahita Persian Great Mother, goddess of fertility
271 Penthesilea Queen of the Amazons
272 Antonia Unknown
273 Atropos Greek 3rd of 3 fates; the inexorable, cutter of the cord
274 Philagoria Recreation club in Olmutz
275 Sapientia Latin for Wisdom
276 Adelheid Unknown
277 Elvira Principal character in a work of the French statesman and poet Alphonse de Lamartine.
278 Paulina Unknown
279 Thule Mythical island in the north sea
280 Philia Nymph who (along with Koronis and Clyda) educated Dionysius
281 Lucretia Astronomer Caroline Lucretia Herschel
282 Chlorinde Heroine of Torquato Tasso'sJerusalem Delivered
283 Emma Unknown
284 Amalia Unknown
285 Regina Unknown
286 Iclea Heroine of Camille Flammarion's Uranie
287 Nephthys Egyptian temple goddess
288 Glauke Daughter of Creon, Jason's bride-to-be
289 Nenetta French argot, denoting a frivolous woman
290 Bruna Brunn, now Brno, Czechoslovakia
291 Alice Unknown
292 Ludovica Unknown
293 Brasilia Brazil
294 Felicia Unknown
295 Theresia Unknown
296 Phaëtusa Daughter of Apollo and Klymene, Zeus changed her into poplars
297 Caecilia Unknown
298 Baptistina Unknown
299 Thora Thor, Norse god of thunder, weather, crops
300 Geraldina Unknown
301 Bavaria Bavaria
302 Clarissa Unknown
303 Josephina "A person dear to" E. Millosevich
304 Olga Niece of astronomer J. Palisa
305 Gordonia James Gordon Bennett Jr., editor of the New York Herald
306 Unitas In honor of astronomer Angelo Pietro Secchi, and the unity of Italy.
307 Nike Greek goddess of victory
308 Polyxo Priestess of Apollo, or, one of the Hyades
309 Fraternitas Latin for fraternity, named by Germans, Beilage zum Astronomischen Kalender
310 Margarita Unknown
311 Claudia Unknown
312 Pieretta Unknown
313 Chaldea Country between Tigris and Euphrates whose capitol was Babylon
314 Rosalia Unknown
315 Constantia Latin word for constancy and perseverance, "qualities essential to make a good astronomer."
316 Goberta Unknown
317 Roxane daughter of the Persian king Oxyartes and wife of the Macedonian king Alexander the Great
318 Magdalena Unknown
319 Leona Unknown
320 Katharina Mother of astronomer J. Palisa
321 Florentina Daughter of astronomer J. Palisa
322 Phaeo One of the Hyades, daughters of Atlas and an oceanid named Aethra.
323 Brucia Catherine Wolfe Bruce
324 Bamberga Bamberg, Germany
325 Heidelberga (Heidelberg, Germany)
326 Tamara Queen of Georgia who legendarily had her old lovers killed and thrown into the river when she was done with them
327 Columbia Christopher Columbus
328 Gudrun Wife of Sigurd and later Atli in the Norse Gudrun Saga
329 Svea Sweden
330 Adalberta Adalbert Max,, father-in-law of M. F. Wolf
331 Etheridgea Unknown
332 Siri Unknown
333 Badenia Region in southwestern Germany
334 Chicago Chicago, IL, United States
335 Roberta Robert von der Osten-Sacken, entomologist and friend of astronomer A. Strauss
336 Lacadiera The village La Cadiere-d'Azur in France
337 Devosa Unknown
338 Budrosa Unknown
339 Dorothea Dorothea Klumpke Roberts, astronomer
340 Eduarda Eduard von Lade, amateur astronomer
341 California California, state of the US
342 Endymion Youthful shepherd, lover of Selene
343 Ostara Norse goddess of spring, namesake of the Easter rabbit
344 Desiderata Désirée Clary of Marseilles, wife of General Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte (later became King Charles XIV John of Sweden); former fiancée of Napoleon.
345 Tercidinia Unknown
346 Hermentaria Village of Herment, France.
347 Pariana Unknown
348 May Karl May, well-known German adventure writer
349 Dembowska Ercole Dembowski, astronomer, studied double stars)
350 Ornamenta In remembrance of the mariner Hornemann, of Holland
351 Yrsa Unknown
352 Gisela Wife of M. F. Wolf
353 Ruperto-Carola Elector Ruprecht I, who founded Heidelberg University, and Grand Duke Karl Friedrich von Baden, who reestablished it.
354 Eleonora Unknown
355 Gabriella Gabrielle Renaudot, later wife of Camille Flammarion, student of astronomy
336 Lacadiera The village La Cadiere-d'Azur in France
357 Ninina Unknown
358 Apollonia An ancient city in Illyria, on the Aous river
359 Georgia King George II of England
360 Carlova Unknown
361 Bononia Bologna, Italy, and/or Boulogne, France
362 Havnia Copenhagen, Denmark
363 Padua Padova, Italy
364 Isara Isére river in France
365 Corduba Córdoba, Spain
366 Vincentina Vincenzo Cerulli, astronomer
367 Amicitia Latin for friendship; compare Druzhba
368 Haidea Unknown
369 Aëria Classical element air
370 Modestia Latin for modesty, freedom from conceit or vanity
371 Bohemia Region in Eastern Europe
372 Palma Capital of Mallorca or Majorca, a Spanish island south of France
373 Melusina Legendary ancestress of Lusignan family, half snake-dragon on Saturdays
374 Burgundia Former kingdom/duchy/privince in France
375 Ursula Unknown
376 Geometria Geometry
377 Campania Region in southern Italy
378 Holmia Stockholm, Sweden
379 Huenna Hveen, island where Tycho Brahe observed
380 Fiducia Latin for confidence
381 Myrrha Greek myth woman who was changed into myrrh tree, then bore Adonis
382 Dodona Ancient Greek town w/ Zeus oracle. Built by Deucalion. Destroyed later.
383 Janina Unknown
384 Burdigala Bordeaux, France
385 Ilmatar Finnish goddess of air and creation
386 Siegena Siegen, Germany
387 Aquitania A Roman division of Gaul
388 Charybdis Daughter of Poseidon and Gaea, whirlpool monster
389 Industria Latin for diligence
390 Alma River in ukraine
391 Ingeborg Unknown
392 Wilhelmina Either emperor Kaiser Wilhelm, or young Queen Wilhelmin of the Netherlands
393 Lampetia Daughter of Apollo that watched his sacred cattle, or Heliade-turned-poplar tree
394 Arduina Arduenna, Celtic hunter goddess
395 Delia Another name for Artemis, goddess of the moon. Refers to island of Delos.
396 Aeolia Ancient country near Aegean Sea. Aeolus was god of storms and winds.
397 Vienna Vienna, Austria
398 Admente Accompanied Heracles; honored Hera. She wanted the golden girdle of Hippolyta
399 Persephone Greek goddess of the underworld
400 Ducrosa J. Ducros, mechanician at Nice Observatory
401 Ottilia A character from German folklore
402 Chloë Shepherdess' aspect of Demeter; pretty shepherdess in Greek pastoral romance of Daphnis and Chloe
403 Cyane Nymph of Sicily who tried to prevent Persephone's capture. Hades turned her into a fountain.
404 Arsinoë Mother of Asclepius by Apollo, or nurse of Orestes
405 Thia Titan of light, mother of Helios, Selene, Eos. Or, daughter of Chiron, ravished by Aeolus, turned into the mare Euippe, then into the Horse constellation.
406 Erna Grand-daughter of astronomer J. Palisa
407 Arachne Greek myth. Challenged Athena to weaving, hanged self, changed to spider
408 Fama Fama or Pheme, Daughter of Titan and Earth, goddess of fame, usually represented winged blowing a trumpet
409 Aspasia Aspasia of Miletus, greek adventuress, consort of Pericles
410 Chloris Greek goddess of flowers
411 Xanthe Greek oceanid
412 Elisabetha Elise Wolf, nee Welwerth, mother of M. F. Wolf
413 Edburga Unknown
414 Liriope Oceanid, wife of Cephissus, mother of Narcissus
415 Palatia Pfalz, region in southwest Germany
416 Vaticana Hill near Rome; now part of the Vatican
417 Suevia Heidelberg student fraternity
418 Alemannia Heidelberg student fraternity
419 Aurelia Unknown
420 Bertholda Markgraf Berthold von Baden, built Zahringen castle
421 Zähringia Family of the Grand Dukes of Baden
422 Berolina Berlin, Germany
423 Diotima Priestess and teacher of Socrates
424 Gratia Latin for grace; refers to the three Graces
425 Cornelia Daughter of Scipio Africanus; or, first wife of Gaius Julius Caesar
426 Hippo Ancient city in Northern Africa
427 Galene Nereid of calm seas
428 Monachia Munich, Germany
429 Lotis Nymph, daughter of Poseidon, pursued by Priapus, changed into lotus tree
430 Hybris Greek myth personification of insolent justice
431 Nephele First wife of Athamas, mother of Phrixus and Helle
432 Pythia Priestess of Apollo at Delphi; the title of the Oracle of Delphi
433 Eros Greek god of love
434 Hungaria Hungary
435 Ella Unknown
436 Patricia Unknown
437 Rhodia Oceanid
438 Zeuxo Oceanid
439 Ohio State of Ohio
440 Theodora Daughter of Julius F. Stone, benefactor of Ohio State University
441 Bathilde Unknown
442 Eichsfeldia Region of Eichsfeld in Germany
443 Photographica Using photographic plates to discover minor planets
444 Gyptis Wife of Protis, chief of expedition which founded Massalia
445 Edna Wife of Julius F. Stone, benefactor of Ohio State University
446 Aeternitas Roman personification/goddess of eternity
447 Valentine Valentine Noemi von Rothschild, daughter of Baron Albert von Rothschild, benefactor of Vienna Observatory
448 Natalie Unknown
449 Hamburga Hamburg, Germany
450 Brigitta Unknown
451 Patientia Latin for patience
452 Hamiltonia Mt Hamilton, site of Lick Observatory
453 Tea Unknown. Presumably the beverage.
454 Mathesis The Greek word for Science, honoring the Mathematische Gesellschaft in Hamburg in 1901
455 Bruchsalia Bruchsal, Germany
456 Abnoba Gaulish forest & river goddess
457 Alleghenia Allegheny Observatory, had a big role in North American timekeeping; named in honor of John A. Brashear, who made the discoverers' lenses.
458 Hercynia Hercynia silva, latin name for German mountainous forests, stretching from the Rhine to the Carpathian Mountains
459 Signe Volsunga saga character, daughter of Volsung and sister of Sigmund
460 Scania Skåne, Swedish province containing Lund
461 Saskia Saskia van Uylenburgh, wife (in 1634) of Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn
462 Eriphyla Sister of Adrastus King of Argos, wife of Amphiarus, killed by son Alcmaeon
463 Lola Character in the opera Cavalleria Rusticanaby Pietro Mascagani
464 Megaira Megaera (the Jealous), one of the three Furies or Erinyes
465 Alekto Alecto (the Unresting), a Fury, has torches and serpent head and breathes war
466 Tisiphone (The Avenger), a Fury, had whip in hand and snake bracelets
467 Laura Either an opera or a sonnet
468 Lina Housemaid of astronomer Max Wolf's home
469 Argentina Country of Argentina
470 Kilia Kiel, Germany
471 Papagena Character in Mozart's Die Zauberflöte
472 Roma Rome, Italy
473 Nolli Pet name of child, relative of astronomer Max Wolf
474 Prudentia Roman/Latin goddess/concept of prudence
475 Ocllo First Inca Queen, daughter of the sun
476 Hedwig Wife of astronomer Elis Stromgren
477 Italia Italy
478 Tergeste Trieste, city at the northwest of the Adriatic Sea, in Italy
479 Caprera Island off the coast of Sardinia, retirement place of Garibaldi
480 Hansa Hanse/Hanseatic League. Medieval merchants of free German cities
481 Emita Unknown
482 Petrina Discoverer's dog, Peter
483 Seppina Discoverer's dog, Sepp
484 Pittsburghia Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
485 Genua Genova, Italy
486 Cremona Cremona, Italy
487 Venetia Venice, Italy
488 Kreusa Several interpretations.
489 Comacina Island in Lake Como in Italy; Comacine master builders
490 Veritas Latin for truth; Roman deity daughter or Saturn and Virtue
491 Carina Unknown
492 Gismonda Character in Giovanni Boccacio's Decamerone
493 Griseldis Character (known for virtue & patience) in Decamerone
494 Virtus Latin for virtue; Roman personification of manly virtue
495 Eulalia Grandmother-in-law of astronomer Max Wolf
496 Gryphia Andreas Gryphius, German baroque poet
497 Iva Iva Shores, daughter in the house that R. S. Dugan lived in while at Amherst College
498 Tokio Tokyo, Japan
499 Venusia Venusia, or Hveen, island, observatory location of Tycho Brahe. Cf. 379 and 1678
500 Selinur Char. in German Auch Einer, a Celtic moon goddess, opposes flu
501 Urhixidur Char. in German Auch Einer, housekeeper & companion of Angus
502 Sigune Character in German "Titurel"? Or character in Auch Einer?
503 Evelyn Mother of discoverer Raymond Smith Dugan
504 Cora Sometimes Mama Ocllo, Incan fertility goddess, Wife of a son of Viracocha
505 Cava Incan deity
506 Marion R. S. Dugan's cousin, Marion Orcutt
507 Laodica Daughter of Priam and Hecuba, loved Acamas
508 Princetonia Princeton University
509 Iolanda Unknown
510 Mabella Mabel Loomis Todd, editor, wife of astronomer David P. Todd
511 Davida Astronomer David P. Todd
512 Taurinensis Turin, Italy
513 Centesima "Hundredth" - Max Wolf's 100th discovery
514 Armida Sorceress character in Jerusalem Delivered and Armida
515 Athalia Murderous queen of Judah
516 Amherstia Amherst College, Massachusetts
517 Edith R. S. Dugan's sister, Edith Dugan Eveleth
518 Halawe Arabic food, sweetmeat
519 Sylvania Forests of Germany
520 Franziska Unknown
521 Brixia Brescia, Italy
522 Helga Unknown
523 Ada Friend of discoverer Raymond Dugan
524 Fidelio Character's psuedonym in Beethoven's Fidelio
525 Adelaide German-born Queen Adelaide, consort of William IV
526 Jena Jena, Germany
527 Euryanthe Character in Carl Maria von Weber's Euryanthe
528 Rezia Character in Carl Maria von Weber's Oberon
529 Preziosa Play by Pius Alexander Wolff & Carl Maria von Weber
530 Turandot Daughter of Emperor of China character in Giacomo Puccini's Turandot
531 Zerlina Character in Mozart's Don Giovanni
532 Herculina Unknown
533 Sara Friend of R. S. Dugan
534 Nassovia Nassau Hall, Princeton University
535 Montague Montague, Massachusetts
536 Merapi Mountain in Sumatra that constantly gives off fire
537 Pauly Max Pauly of Jena Carl Zeiss optical works; made lenses for Max Wolf
538 Friederike Friend of P. Götz
539 Pamina Queen of the Night character in Mozart'sDie Zauberflote
540 Rosamunde Eponymous character in Franz Peter Schubert's opera
541 Deborah Biblical prophetess who helped free Israelites from Canaanites
542 Susanna Friend of P. Götz
543 Charlotte Friend of P. Götz
544 Jetta Legendary figure of Heidelberg
545 Messalina Valeria Messalina, 3rd wife of Claudius, great-granddaughter or Marcus Antonius
546 Herodias Consort of Herod Antipas; caused death of John the Baptist w/ Salome
547 Praxedis Character in Victor von Sceffel'sEkkehard
548 Kressida Chryseis, medieval myth, infidelity in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida
549 Jessonda Eponymous character in Ludwig Spohr's opera
550 Senta Daughter of Dalande, character in Richard Wagner'sDer fliegrende Hollander
551 Ortrud Wife of Frederick of Telramund, character in Richard Wagner'sLohengrin
552 Sigelinde Character in R. Wagner'sDie Walkure
553 Kundry Sorceress character in R. Wagner'sParsifal
554 Peraga Peraga, Italy, village between Padua and Venice
555 Norma Druid priestess character in Vincenzo Bellini'sNorma
556 Phyllis Love of Demophon, suicided into ocean b/c he was away for a month
557 Violetta Frivolous character in Giuseppe Verdi's La Traviata
558 Carmen Eponymous protagonist of Bizet's opera
559 Nanon Richard Genee's operaNanon, die Wirtin vom Goldenen Lamm
560 Delila Biblical figure, betrayer of Samson
561 Ingwelde Opera by Max von Schillings
562 Salome Biblical figure; daughter of Herod II
563 Suleika Character in Nietzsche's Also sprach Zarathustra
564 Dudu Character in Nietzsche's Also sprach Zarathustra
565 Marbachia Marbach, a quarter of Marburg, Germany
566 Stereoskopia C. Pulfrich's stereo-comparator method for minor planet discovery
567 Eleutheria Greek goddess of liberty
568 Cheruskia Heidelberg student fraternity
569 Misa Misa or Mise, mystic from the Orphic mysteries, mother of Bacchus
570 Kythera Island in the Ionian sea to which Aphrodite floated (if not Cyprus)
571 Dulcinea Character from Don Quixote, the titular knight's crush
572 Rebekah A girl from Hiedelberg
573 Recha Character in Gotthold Ephraim Lessing'sNathan der Weise
574 Reginhild Unknown
575 Renate Unknown
576 Emanuela Friend of P. Götz
577 Rhea Mother of Zeus et. Al
578 Happelia Car Happel, benefactor of Heidelberg Observatory
579 Sidonia Character in Chritoph Willibald Gluck's opera Armida
580 Selene Roman goddess of the moon
581 Tauntonia Taunton, Massachusetts
582 Olympia Olympia, Greece. Site of first Olympic games and a temple to Zeus
583 Klotilde Daughter of astronomer Hofrat Edmund Weiss
584 Semiramis Mythical Assyrian queen, said to have built Babylon & Hanging Gardens
585 Bilkis Or Balkis, the Queen of Sheba
586 Thekla Saint Thekla, accompanied Paul
587 Hypsipyle Queen of Lemnos, where all men were put to the death. Became pregnant by Jason of the Argonauts
588 Achilles Greek hero in Trojan War. Invulnerable except for his heel, where he was killed by an arrow.
589 Croatia Croatia, region in southeast Europe
590 Tomyris Queen of Massagets in Scythia, supposedly beheaded Cyrus the Great
591 Irmgard Unknown
592 Bathseba Biblical, wife of Urias, later King David, mother of Solomon
593 Titania Queen of fairies & gnomes in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream
594 Mireille Poem by Frederic Mistral
595 Polyxena Daughter of Priam and Hecuba, courted by Achilles, died at his tomb
596 Scheila Aquaintance of discoverer A. Kopff
597 Bandusia Fountain near Polezzo, Apuila, Italy. Horace once lived near here.
598 Octavia Sister of Augustus, second wife of Marcus Antonius
599 Luisa Unknown
600 Musa The nine muses
601 Nerthus Nordic goddess
602 Marianna Unknown
603 Timandra Greek, daughter of Tindareus and Leda, wife of Equemus, mother of Evandrus
604 Tekmessa Daughter of Teubrantes, captive of Ajax
605 Juvisia Juvisy-sur-Orge, France
606 Bragäne Maid servant of Isolde in Richard Wagner's Tristan und Isolde
607 Jenny Jenny Adolfine Kessler, wife of friend of discoverer A. Kopff
608 Adolfine Jenny Adolfine Kessler (again), wife of friend of discoverer A. Kopff
609 Fulvia First wife of orator Marcus Aurelius Antonius
610 Valeska Unknown
611 Valeria Unknown
612 Veronika Unknown
613 Ginevra Wife of King Arthur
614 Pia Pia Observatory at Trieste, Italy
615 Roswitha German poetess Hrotsvitha von Gandersheim
616 Elly Wife of Prof. K. Boehm, math professor and Technical University in Karlsruhe, Germany
617 Patroclus Greek hero, friend of Achilles, slain by Hector
618 Elfriede Unknown
619 Triberga Triberg, Germany near Villingen and Black Forest
620 Drakonia Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa
621 Werdani Or Werdandi or Verthandi. Norse Norn, stands for the present
622 Esther Biblical Jewish heroine
623 Chimaera Mountain in Lycia; monster from Greek myth
624 Hektor Hector, fought in Trojan war, Trojan prince
625 Xenia Unknown
626 Notburga Patron saint of servants and peasants
627 Charis Greek goddess, wife of Hephaistos, one of the Graces/Charities according to Homer
628 Christine Unknown
629 Bernardina Unknown
630 Euphemia Christian saint, denied Ares in 3rd/4th century; good omen
631 Philippina Philipp Kessler, friend of A. Kopff. See 607 and 608
632 Pyrrha Daughter of Epimetheus and Pandora, survived Zeus' flood with Deucalion
633 Zelima Unknown
634 Ute Friend of A. Kopff
635 Vundtia Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt, German founder of experimental psychology
636 Erika Unknown
637 Chrysothemis Daughter of Agamemmnon and Klytaemnestra
638 Moira Greek goddess of fate; or, the Moirae, or Fates
639 Latona Roman equivalent of Leto
640 Brambilla Novel/musicalPrinzessin Brambillaby E. T. A. Hoffmann
641 Agnes Unknown
642 Clara Housekeeper for Wolf's family
643 Scheherezade Narrator of Arabian Nights
644 Cosima Cosima Wagner, daughter of Franz Liszt and 2nd wife of Richard Wagner
645 Agrippina Name of Roman mother and daughter
646 Kastalia Fountain near Delphi, consecrated to Apollo and the Muses. Symbol for poetry
647 Adelgunde Unknown
648 Pippa Character in Gerhart Hauptmann's Und Pippa tanzt
649 Josefa Unknown
650 Amalasuntha Daughter of Theodoric the Great, regent for his grandson Athalarich, assassinated by her cousin Theodahat
651 Antikleia Anticlea, mother of Odysseus
652 Jubilatrix Jubilee; specifically, the one celebrating Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph I's 60th year of reigning
653 Berenike Sacrificed her hair at temple of Venus , it became Coma Berenices
654 Zelinda Sister of Italian mathematician Ulisse Dini
655 Briseïs Trojan girl captured by Greeks, given to Achilles
656 Beagle Charles Darwin's ship
657 Gunlöd Norse, Daughter of giant Sutung, guardian of the three containers of magical mead made from the wise Kvasir's blood
658 Asteria "The starry one," Greek titan-turned-quail-turned-island
659 Nestor King of Pylos, counselor to the Greeks at Troy
660 Crescentia Unknown
661 Cloelia Semi-legendary Roman woman, escaped hostage situation by crossing Tiber
662 Newtonia Newton, Massachusetts. Not Issac or anyone else!
663 Gerlinde Unknown
664 Judith Eponymous character from Friedrich Hebbel's play. Also the deuterocanonical Judith.
665 Sabine Unknown
666 Desdemona Character in Shakespeare's Othello; murdered
667 Denise Unknown
668 Dora Friend of A. Kopff's wife.
669 Kypria Homeric poem, prequel to the Illiad. Also surname of Aphrodite
670 Ottegebe Character in Gerhart Hauptmann'sDer arme Heinrich
671 Carnegia Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie
672 Astarte Ishtar, Phoenician goddess of love and fertility
673 Edda Norse Edda, as in the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda
674 Rachele Wife of orbit computer E. Bianchi
675 Ludmilla Eponymous character in Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka
676 Melitta Melissa, Greek figure, turned into bee
677 Aaltje Dutch singer Aaltje Noordewier-Reddingius
678 Fredegundis Opera by Ernest Guirand and Camille Saint-Saens
679 Pax Roman goddess of peace
680 Genoveva Drama by Friedrich Hebbel
681 Gorgo Gorgons, including Medusa, Ceto, and Phorcys
682 Hagar Concubine of Abraham, driven into desert w/ her son Ishmael
683 Lanzia Karl Lanz, founder of Heidelberg Academy of Sciences
684 Hildburg Unknown
685 Hermia Unknown
686 Gersuind Character in Gerhart Hauptmann's drama
687 Tinette Unknown
688 Melanie Unknown
689 Zita Empress Zita von Bourbon-Parma.
690 Wratislava Latin name for Wrocław or Breslau, city in Silesia
691 Lehigh Lehigh University, Pennsylvania
692 Hippodamia Daughter of Oenomaus. Bribed her father's charioteer to remove a spoke so that Pelops could win her from him in a race
693 Zerbinetta Character from Richard Strauss'Ariadne auf Naxos
694 Ekard Drake, backwards, in reference to Drake University
695 Bella Unknown
696 Leonora Wife of orbit calculator Arthur Snow
697 Galilea Galilieo Galilei
698 Ernestina Ernst Wolf, son of Max Wolf
699 Hela Hel, Norse goddess of the dead.
700 Auravictrix Latin for "victory against the wind;" reference to a zeppelin
701 Oriola Golden orioles, family of colorful Old World passerine birds
702 Alauda Larks and other Old World birds of the Alaudidae family
703 Noëmi Valentine Noemi von Rothschild, gift for her marriage to Baron Sigismund von Springer
704 Interamnia "Between the Rivers" - Teramo, Italy
705 Erminia Opera by Jacobowsky
706 Hirundo The swallow, and other birds of the Hirundinidae family
707 Steina Mr. Stein, benefactor of Breslau Observatory
708 Raphaela Raphael von Bischoffsheim, founder of Nice Observatory
709 Fringilla Finch, and other songbirds of the Fringillidae family
710 Gertrud Daughter of astronomer J. Rheden and granddaughter of astronomer J. Palisa
711 Marmulla Marmel or Murmel, German word for marble
712 Boliviana Simon Bolivar
713 Luscinia Nightingale, and other thrushes & songbirds of the Luscinia genus
714 Ulula Owls, just the bird
715 Transvaalia Province in the Republic of South Africa
716 Berkeley Berkeley, California; also UC Berkeley
717 Wisibada Wiesbaden, Germany
718 Erida Daughter of A. O. Leuschner, friend of astronomer J. Palisa
719 Albert Albert Solomon von Rothschild, banker & philanthropist
720 Bohlinia Karl Petrus Theodor Bohlin, astronomer
721 Tabora Ocean liner Tabora; name of a coastal town in Tanzania
722 Frieda Frieda Hillebrand, granddaughter of Prof. Weiss, daughter of Karl Hillebrand
723 Hammonia Personification of Hamburg
724 Hapag ”Hamburg-Amerika Paketfahrt Aktien-Gesellschaft," named on the occasion of the meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft in Hamburg
725 Amanda Wife of astronomer Richard Schorr
726 Joëlla Joel H. Metcalf, the discoverer
727 Nipponia Japan
728 Leonisis Leo Gans, president of Physical Society at Frankfurt + Isis, emblem of the Society
729 Watsonia James Craig Watson, astronomer
730 Athanasia Greek word for immortality
731 Sorga Surga, Indonesian for "the heavens"
732 Tjilaki River in Indonesia near Malabar
733 Mocia Werner Wolf, nicknake "Mok", Max Wolf's youngest son
734 Benda Anna Benda, 2nd wife of discoverer
735 Marghanna Margarete Vogt, other of discoverer H. Vogt, and Hanna, another relative
736 Harvard Harvard University
737 Arequipa City in Peru; Harvard had observatory here
738 Alagasta Gaualgeshim, Germany
739 Mandeville Mandeville, Jamaica, where Pickering observed
740 Cantabia Cambridge, MA, location of Harvard Observatory
741 Botolphia Boston MA; also Saint Botolph
742 Edisona Thomas Alva Edison, prolific inventor
743 Eugenisis Greek for "good birth," in reference to birth of dicoverer F. Kaiser's daughter
744 Aguntina Aguntum, city ruins in Rome
745 Mauritia Saint Mauritius
746 Marlu Dr. Marie-Louise Kaiser, daughter of discoverer F. Kaiser
747 Winchester Winchester, MA
748 Simeïsa Simeis Observatory and Simeiz, Crimea
749 Malzovia Russian amateur astronomer S. I. Malzov, original owner of Simeis Observatory's land
750 Oskar Oskarr Ruben von Rothschild, son of Baron Albert von Rothschild; or, Oskar Freiherr von Rothschild-Siftung, Vienna Observatory benefactor
751 Faïna Faina, Mrs. F. M. Neujmin, wife of discoverer
752 Sulamitis Sulamith, beautiful woman in Solomon's Song, possibly Queen of Sheba
753 Tiflis Or Tbilisi, capital of Georgia
754 Malabar City and mountain on Java in Indonesia, near Bandung
755 Quintilla Name of some Italian girl known to Arville D. Walker, secretary of H. Shapley
756 Lilliana H. Shapely's sister
757 Portlandia Portland, Maine
758 Mancunia Manchester, England
759 Vinifera Vitis vinifera, the wine grape vine
760 Massinga A. Massinger, assistant astronomer at Heidelberg Obs., died in WWI
761 Brendelia Otto Rudolf Martin Brendel, astronomer
762 Pulcova Pulkovo observatory, Russia, near St. Petersburg
763 Cupido Roman god of love
764 Gedania Danzig, now Gdansk, Poland
765 Mattiaca Mattiacum, or Wiesbaden, Germany
766 Moguntia Mainz, Germany
767 Bondia W.C. and G.P. Bond, astronomers
768 Struveana F.G.W. and O.W. and H. Struve, astronomers
769 Tatjana Possibly collaborator; possibly heroine of Pushkin'sEvgeni Onigin
770 Bali Bali island, Indonesia
771 Libera Friend of discoverer J. Rheden
772 Tanete City of Tanete, in Sulawesi, Indonesia
773 Irmintraud "All-encompassing strength," German woman's name
774 Armor or Armorica, Celtic name of Normandy/Brittany.
775 Lumiére Brothers August Lumiere and Lousi Lumiere, inventors of photography and cinematography
776 Berbericia German astronomer Adolf Berberich
777 Gutemberga Johann Gutenberg, inventor of movable type printing press
778 Theobalda Theobald Kaiser, father of discoverer F. Kaiser
779 Nina Nina Nikolaevna Neujima, sister of discoverer G. N. Neujmin
780 Armenia Kingdom of Armenia
781 Kartvelia Name of the ancient inhabitants of Georgia
782 Montefiore Wife of Alphonse Mayer Rothschild
783 Nora Protagonist of Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House"
784 Pickeringia (E.C. and W.H. Pickering) astronomers
785 Zwetana Daughter of Professor K. Pophoff
786 Bredichina Feodor Alexandrovich Bredichin, astronomer
787 Moskva Moscow, Russia
788 Hohensteina Castle Hohenstein in Taunus Mtns.
789 Lena Elena Petrovna Neujmina, mother of discoverer G. N. Neujmin
790 Pretoria City in south africa
791 Ani City in Turkey ruined by earthquakes in 1319. City of 1001 churches
792 Metcalfia Joel H. Metcalf, again
793 Arizona Arizona, United States
794 Irenaea Irene Hillebrand, daughter of E. Weiss. Not 14 Irene.
795 Fini Unknown. Likely a shortened form of Josephine.
796 Sarita Unknown
797 Montana Latin for Mountain, reference to Bergendorf
798 Ruth Old testament biblical heroine
799 Gudula Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
800 Kressmannia Major A. Kressmann, donated a refractor for Heidelberg Konigstuhl Obser.
801 Helwerthia Mrs. Elise Helwerth-Wolf, mother of discoverer
802 Epyaxa Queen of Cilicia around 400 BC.
803 Picka Czech physician Friedrich Pick, first to use endoscopic procedures in Prague
804 Hispania Spain
805 Hormuthia Mrs. Hormuth Kopff, wife of A. Kopff
806 Gyldénia Johan August Hugo Glydén, Swedish astronomer
807 Ceraskia Vitold Karlovich Ceraski, Russian astronomer
808 Meraxia Adalbert Merx, rather-in-law of Max Wolf
809 Lundia Lund Observatory
810 Atossa Persian queen, daughter of king Cyrus, wife of Darius I
811 Nauheima Bad Nauheim, Germany
812 Adele Fictional character from opera "Die Fledermaus" by Johann Strauss
813 Baumeia H. Baum, student of astronomy at Heidelberg, died in WWI.
814 Tauris Taurus Mount in Crimea
815 Coppelia Short ballet by Léo Delibes
816 Juliana Queen Juliana of the Netherlands
817 Annika Unknown
818 Kapteynia Jacobus Cornelius Kapteyn, astronomer, astrophysicist
819 Barnardiana Edward Emerson Barnard, astronomer
820 Adriana Unknown
821 Fanny Unknown
822 Lalange Unknown
823 Sisigambis Mother of Darius III, last persian king
824 Anastasia Anastasia Semenoff, friend of discoverer
825 Tanina Unknown
826 Henrika Unknown
827 Wolfiana Max Wolf, astronomer
828 Lindermannia Prof. Adolf F. Lindemann, invented an electrometer
829 Academia Honors the 200th anniversary of Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg / Russian Academy of Sciences
830 Petropolitana St. Petersburg, Russia
831 Stateira Wife of king Artaxerses II of Persia, died by mother-in-law's poison
832 Karin Karin Mansdotter, Mistress of Erik XIV of Sweden in 16th century
833 Monica Unknown
834 Burnhamia Sherburne Wesley Burnham; astronomer who studied double stars
835 Olivia Unknown
836 Jole Iole, daughter of Eurytos and object of Hercues' desires
837 Schwarzschilda Karl Schwarzschild, astronomer
838 Seraphina Unknown
839 Valborg Heroine of "Axel e Valborg"
840 Zenobia Slavic goddess of hunting (prolly not); queen of Palmyra
841 Arabella Opera by Richard Strauss
842 Kerstin Unknown
843 Nicolaia Torvald Nicolai Thiele, father of discoverer H. Thiele
844 Leontina Lienz, Tirol, Austria
845 Naëma Unknown
846 Lipperta Eduard Lippert, donor of Lippert Astrograph to Bergedorf Observatory
847 Agnia Simeis/Russian physician, Agnia Ivanovna Bad'ina
848 Inna Inna Nikolaevna Leman-Balanovskaya, astronomer at Pulkovo Obs.
849 Ara American Relief Administration
850 Altona German city near Hamburg
851 Zeissia Carl Zeiss, German optician, started lensmaking company
852 Wladilena Russian communist leader Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin)
853 Nansenia Fridtjof Nansen, polar explorer
854 Frostia Edwin Brant Frost, American astronomer
855 Newcombia Simon Newcomb, american astronomer
856 Backlunda Johann Oscar Backlund, Russian astronomer (born in Sweden)
857 Glasnappia Sergej Pavlov Glasenapp, Russian astronomer
858 El Djezaïr Arabian name of city of Algiers in Algeria
859 Bouzaréah Suburb of Algiers, city in Algeria
860 Ursina Unknown
861 Aïda Opera by Giuseppe Verdi
862 Franzia Franz Wolf, son of discoverer
863 Benkoela City of Bengkulu, Sumatra
864 Aase Character in Henrik Ibsen's play "Peer Gynt"
865 Zubaida Character from Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst von Weber's opera "Abu Hassan"
866 Fatme Character from Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst von Weber's opera "Abu Hassan"
867 Kovacia Friedrich Kovacs, a Vienna physician
868 Lova Unknown
869 Mellena Werner von Melle, mayor of Hamburg & founder of Hamburg Observatory
870 Manto Soothsayer, daughter of Tiresias, erected the oracle at Delphi
871 Amneris Character from Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Aïda"
872 Holda Edward Singleton Holden, American astronomer
873 Mechthild Mechthild of Madgeburg, medieval mystic
874 Rotraut German poet Eduard Mörike's brief poem "Schön Rotraut", lit. beautiful Rotraut
875 Nymphe Greek nymphs, including all the ones of mountains, forests, trees, waters
876 Scott Miss E. Scott, a benefactor of some kind to Austrian universities
877 Walküre Valkyrie of Norse myth
878 Mildred Mildred Shapley Matthews, daughter of Harlow Shapely
879 Ricarda German poetess and intellectual Ricarda Huch. See also 8847
880 Herba Greek goddess of misery and poverty, allegedly
881 Athene Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, same as Pallas Athene
882 Swetlana Unknown
883 Matterania August Matter, producer and donator of photographic plates
884 Priamus King of Troy during Trojan War, father of Hector and Paris
885 Ulrike Not certain, but probably German woman Ulrike von Levetzow
886 Washingtonia George Washington, first US president
887 Alinda ancient city in Anatolia, or perhaps the Australian man in the moon
888 Parysatis Wife of Persian king Darius II, mother of Artaxerxes II
889 Erynia Greek avenging deties, as the Roman Furies
890 Waltraut Character in Wagner's "Gotterdammerung", a valkyrie
891 Gunhild Unknown
892 Seeligeria Hugo Hans von Seeliger, studied saturns rings
893 Leopoldina Caroline-Leopoldian Academy of Naturalists in Halle, Germany
894 Erda Norse goddess of nature and divination
895 Helio Study of the Sun's spectrum, specifically between Friedrich Paschen and Runge
896 Sphinx Egyptian lion-bird-monster
897 Lysistrata In Aristophanes' drama Lysistrata organized a strike of women
898 Hildegard Saint Hildegard von Bingen
899 Jokaste Queen Jocasta of Thebes, mother of Oedipus
900 Rosalinde Figure in Johann Strauss' "Die Fledermaus"
901 Brunsia Ernst Heinrich Bruns, professor of astronomy
902 Probitas "Adherence to the highest principles and ideals," commemorating astronomer J. Palisa
903 Nealley Neally, New York amateur astronomer
904 Rockefellia John David Rockefeller
905 Universitas University of Hamburg, Germany
906 Repsolda Johann Georg Repsold, manufacturer of optics & astrometric equipment
907 Rhoda Wife of astronomer Adward Emerson Barnard
908 Buda Buda, a part of Budapest
909 Ulla Ulla Ahrens, daughter of friend of discoverer K. Reinmuth
910 Anneliese Acquaintance of astronomer Julius Dick
911 Agamemnon Greek king of Mycenae in the Trojan War
912 Maritima Marine travel of Hamburg University on the North Sea
913 Otila Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
914 Palisana Johann Palisa, astronomer
915 Cosette Cosette, youngest daughter of discoverer F. Gonnessiat
916 America USA
917 Lyka Friend of the discoverer G. N. Neujmin's sister
918 Itha Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
919 Ilsebill Character from German fairy tale "The Fisherman and his Wife"
920 Rogeria Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
921 Jovita Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
922 Schlutia Edgar Schlubach and Mr. Tiarks, who funded a solar eclipse trip to Christmas Islands
923 Herluga Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
924 Toni Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
925 Alphonsina Two kings of Spain: Alphonsus X King of Castille, and Alphonsus XIII King of Spain
926 Imhilde Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
927 Ratisbona Regensburg, Germany
928 Hildrun Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
929 Algunde Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
930 Westphalia Westphalia, Germany
931 Whittemora Thomas Whittemore, professor
932 Hooveria Herbert Clark Hoover, pre-presidency
933 Susi Wife of director of Vienna Observatory, Susi Graff
934 Thüringia Ship on which the minor planet was discovered, and German province
935 Clivia Flower species in the Amaryllis family
936 Kuningunde Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
937 Bethgea German lyrical poet Hans Bethge
938 Chlosinde Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
939 Isberga Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
940 Kordula Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
941 Murray Family of American professor Gilbery Murray for helping Austria after WWI
942 Romilda Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
943 Begonia Genus of tropical herbs
944 Hidalgo A leader of the Mexican war of ind.
945 Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
946 Pöesia Goddess of poetry, allegedy
947 Monterosa Name of a ship on an occasion of marine travel of Hamburg University on the North Sea
948 Jucunda Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
949 Hel Norse goddess of the dead and underworld
950 Ahrensa Ahrens family, friends of discoverer
951 Gaspra Haspra, Crimea
952 Caia Heroine character in Henryk Sienkiewicz's "Quo Vadis."
953 Painleva Paul Painlevé, French mathematician
954 Li Mrs. Lina Alstede Reinmuth, wife of discoverer K. Reinmuth
955 Alstede Mrs. Lina Alstede Reinmuth, wife of discoverer K. Reinmuth, again
956 Elisa Elisa Reinmuth, mother of discoverer K. Reinmuth
957 Camelia Genus of tea shrubs
958 Asplinda Bror Ansgar Asplind, Swedish orbit calculator
959 Arne Son of B. Asplind (958)
960 Birgit Daughter of B. Asplind (958)
961 Gunnie Daughter of B. Asplind (958)
962 Aslög Aslaug, Norse queen/clever peasant girl
963 Iduberga Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
964 Subamara Latin for "very bitter", referring to bad observing conditions
965 Angelica A. Hartmann, wife of discoverer J. Hartmann
966 Muschi Nickname for wife of discoverer W. Baade
967 Helionape Adolf Ritter von Sonnethal, actor
968 Petunia Genus of tropical American herbs
969 Leocadia Unknown
970 Primula Primrose
971 Alsatia French province of Alsace
972 Cohnia German Astronomer F. Cohn
973 Aralia Eurasian vine
974 Lioba Saint Leoba
975 Perseverantia Perseverence, commemorating astronomer J. Palisa
976 Banjamina Son of discoverer B. Jekhovsky
977 Philippa Financier Philipp von Rothschild
978 Aidamina Aida Minaevna, friend of discoverer's family
979 Ilsewa Ilse Walldorf, acquaintance of discoverer
980 Anacostia District in Washington D.C.
981 Martina Henri Martin, French revolutionary
982 Franklina John Franklin Adams, British amateur astronomer and stellar cartographer
983 Gunila Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
984 Gretia Sister-in-law of A. Kahrstedt
985 Rosina Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
986 Amelia Wife of discoverer J. Comas i Sola
987 Wallia Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
988 Appella Paul Emile Appell, mathematician
989 Schwassmannia German astronomer Arnold Schwassmann
990 Yerkes Yerkes Observatory
991 McDonalda McDonald Observatory
992 Swasey Ambrose Swasey, optician, built McDonald Observatory telescope
993 Moultona American astronomer Forest Ray Moulton
994 Otthild Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
995 Sternberga Pavel Shternberg, astronomer
996 Hilaritas "Happy or contented mind," commemorating astronomer J. Palisa
997 Priska Girl's name from the calendar "Der Lahrer hinkende Bote"
998 Bodea German astronomer Johann Elert Bode
999 Zachia Franz Xaver Freiherr von Zach, astronomer and mathematician
1000 Piazzia Giuseppe Piazzi, monk and astronomer, discoverer of Ceres

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