List: 3001-4000
3001 Michelangelo Michelangelo (1475–1564), Renaissance artist
3002 Delasalle Jean-Baptiste de La Salle (1651–1719), priest
3003 Konček Mikuláš Konček (1900–1982), meteorologist
3004 Knud Knud Rasmussen (1879–1933), polar explorer and anthropologist
3005 Pervictoralex Per Victor Alexander Lagerkvist, son of discoverer Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist
3006 Livadia Livadiya, a suburb of Yalta
3007 Reaves Gibson Reaves, astronomer
3008 Nojiri Hōei Nojiri (1885–1977) essayist, author and astronomer
3009 Coventry Coventry, England
3010 Ushakov Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov, admiral
3011 Chongqing Chongqing, China, capital of Ba state in ancient times and the provisional capital of China 1937–1946
3012 Minsk Minsk, Byelorussian SSR
3013 Dobrovoleva Oleg Dobrovolsky, astronomer
3014 Huangsushu Su-Shu Huang, astrophysicist
3015 Candy Michael P. Candy (1928–1994), astrometrist
3016 Meuse The Meuse River
3017 Petrovič Štefan Petrovič, climatologist
3018 Godiva Lady Godiva, legendary 10th-11th-century woman
3019 Kulin György Kulin, astronomer
3020 Naudts Ignace Naudts (1949–1992), amateur astronomer
3021 Lucubratio Latin for "nocturnal study, night work"
3022 Dobermann Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, amateur astronomer
3023 Heard John F. Heard (1907–1976), astronomer
3024 Hainan Hainan Province
3025 Higson Roger Higson, astronomer assistant
3026 Sarastro Sarastro, high priest of the Temple of Wisdom in Mozart's The Magic Flute
3027 Shavarsh Shavarsh Karapetyan, award-winning finswimmer
3028 Zhangguoxi Zhang Guoxi, industrialist
3029 Sanders Jeffrey D. Sanders, student
3030 Vehrenberg Hans Vehrenberg, amateur astronomer, author of the Atlas of Deep-Sky Splendors (German: Mein Messier-Buch)
3031 Houston Walter Scott Houston, amateur astronomer well known for his column Deep Sky Wonders in "Sky & Telescope"
3032 Evans Reverend Robert O. Evans, Australian amateur astronomer
3033 Holbaek Holbæk, Denmark, town nearest to the discovery site
3034 Climenhaga John L. Climenhaga (1916–2008), astronomer
3035 Chambers John Eric Chambers, then predoctoral fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
3036 Krat Vladimir Krat (1911–1983), astronomer
3037 Alku Finnish for "Beginning", the discoverer's boyhood boat, built by his father
3038 Bernes Mark Naumovich Bernes, film actor and singer
3039 Yangel Mikhail Kuz'mich Yangel', 20th-century rocket and missile designer
3040 Kozai Yoshihide Kozai, astronomer and celestial mechanician
3041 Webb Rev. Thomas William Webb, 19th-century amateur astronomer
3042 Zelinsky David S. Zelinsky, mathematician, formerly active participant in the Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey while an undergraduate student at Caltech
3043 San Diego San Diego, California, in recognition of its efforts to curb light pollution
3044 Saltykov Nikita Saltykov, the first discoverer's grandfather
3045 Alois Alois T. Stuczynski, the discoverer's grandfather
3046 Molière Molière, 17th-century playwright
3047 Goethe Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 18th–19th-century poet and playwright
3048 Guangzhou Guangzhou, largest open city in southern China and the capital of Guangdong province
3049 Kuzbass Kuznets Basin, a region (Kemerovo Region) of Siberia
3050 Carrera The Carreras (Javiera, Juan José, José Miguel, and Luis), 18th–19th-century key figures of the Chilean War of Independence
3051 Nantong Nantong, China
3052 Herzen Aleksandr Ivanovich Herzen, 19th-century revolutionary, writer, and philosopher, "father of socialism" and founder of the free press abroad
3053 Dresden Dresden, Germany (then in the GDR)
3054 Strugatskia Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, science fiction writers
3055 Annapavlova Anna Pavlova, ballet dancer
3056 INAG The French National Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, which built the discovery telescope
3057 Mälaren Lake Mälaren, Sweden
3058 Delmary Delmary Schanz (born 1938), an artist
3059 Pryor Carlton P. Pryor, astronomer
3060 Delcano Juan Sebastián Elcano or del Caño (1476–1526) a Spanish navigator, lieutenant of Magellan, first to continuously circumnavigate the globe
3061 Cook James Cook, 18th-century navigator
3062 Wren Sir Christopher Wren, 17th–18th-century architect and astronomer
3063 Makhaon Makhaon, mythical physician to Greeks during the Trojan War
3064 Zimmer Louis Zimmer, Belgian (Flemish) clockmaker and amateur astronomer
3065 Sarahill Sarah J. Hill, astronomer
3066 McFadden Lucy-Ann McFadden, planetary scientist
3067 Akhmatova Anna Akhmatova, 20th-century poet
3068 Khanina Frida Borisovna Khanina, orbit computer and long-time member of the Institute for Theoretical Astronomy
3069 Heyrovský Jaroslav Heyrovský, physical chemist
3070 Aitken Robert Grant Aitken, 19th–20th-century astronomer
3071 Nesterov Pyotr Nesterov, 19th–20th-century pioneer airman
3072 Vilnius Vilnius, Lithuania
3073 Kursk Kursk, Russia
3074 Popov Alexander Stepanovich Popov (1859–1906), a radio inventor
3075 Bornmann Patricia L. Bornmann, solar astronomer, who participated in the Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey while an undergraduate student at Caltech
3076 Garber Paul E. Garber, 20th-century historian
3077 Henderson Thomas James Henderson, 19th-century astronomer
3078 Horrocks Jeremiah Horrocks (1619–1641), also known as Jeremiah Horrox, an astronomer and mathematician
3079 Schiller Friedrich Schiller (1759–1805), a playwright
3080 Moisseiev Nikolai Dmitrevich Moiseiev (Moisseev), 20th-century astronomer
3081 Martinůboh Bohuslav Martinů (1890–1959), a composer of modern classical music
3082 Dzhalil Musa Mustafovich Dzhalil' (Musa Cälil), 20th-century Tatar poet
3083 OAFA Félix Aguilar Observatory
3084 Kondratyuk Yuri Kondratyuk (1897–1942), a engineer, mathematician and pioneer of astronautics and spaceflight
3085 Donna Donna Marie Thompson, administrative assistant and secretary
3086 Kalbaugh Carroll Kalbaugh Liller, father of Chilean astronomer William Liller
3087 Beatrice Tinsley Beatrice Muriel Tinsley, née Hill, 20th-century astronomer
3088 Jinxiuzhonghua "Splendid China", park at Shenzhen, the largest miniature scenic spot in the world
3089 Oujianquan Ou Jianquan, entrepreneur, for his notable contributions in developing township enterprises
3090 Tjossem The Tjossem family of central Washington State
3091 van den Heuvel Edward Peter Jacobus van den Heuvel, astronomer, and his niece Julia Edith van den Heuvel
3092 Herodotus Herodotus, 5th-century B.C. Greek historian, "Father of Historiography
3093 Bergholz Olga Bergholz (1910–1975), a poet
3094 Chukokkala Korney Chukovsky (1882–1969), pen name of Nikolaj Kornejchukov, one of the most popular children's poets in the language
3095 Omarkhayyam Omar Khayyám, 11th-12th-century Tajik-Persian poet, mathematician and philosopher
3096 Bezruč Petr Bezruč (1867–1958), a poet
3097 Tacitus Tacitus, 1st-century Roman historian
3098 van Sprang Bert van Sprang (1944–2015), meteor specialist
3099 Hergenrother Carl W. Hergenrother (born 1973), astronomer and discoverer of minor planets
3100 Zimmerman Nikolaj Zimmerman (1890–1942), astronomer at Pulkovo Observatory and professor at Leningrad University, known for his astrometric observations and his compilations of star catalogs
3101 Goldberger Marvin L. Goldberger, physicist, teacher and humanitarian, president of the California Institute of Technology, to commemorate his birthday, October 22
3102 Krok Krok, mythical Slavonic prince
3103 Eger Eger a small town NE of Budapest, at one time the sixth largest town in Hungary, known for its medieval streets, castle, and red wine (Bull's Blood)
3104 Dürer Albrecht Dürer, 15th-16th-century master painter, woodcutter, engraver, and scholar
3105 Stumpff Karl Stumpff, 20th-century celestial mechanician and professor of astronomy, pioneer of Fast Fourier Analysis, author of the three-volume Himmelsmechanik
3106 Morabito Linda Morabito (afterwards Linda Kelly), Education Programs Manager at the Planetary Society
3107 Weaver Kenneth F. Weaver, senior assistant editor for science of the National Geographic magazine
3108 Lyubov Lyubov Orlova (1902–1975), actress and star of cinema
3109 Machin Arnold Machin, 20th-century sculptor
3110 Wagman Nicholas E. Wagman, 20th-century astronomer and astrometrist
3111 Misuzu Nickname of Shinano Province, now Nagano Prefecture, Japan, the discovery site
3112 Velimir Velimir (Viktor Vladimirovitch) Khlebnikov, 19th–20th-century poet
3113 Chizhevskij Aleksandr Leonidovich Chizhevskij, 20th-century biologist, one of the founders of heliobiology
3114 Ercilla Don Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga, 16th-century Spanish poet and soldier, inspiration for the epic poem La Araucana
3115 Baily Francis Baily, 18th–19th-century astronomer, one of the founders of the Royal Astronomical Society, and namesake of Baily's beads
3116 Goodricke John Goodricke, 18th-century deaf-mute astronomer, who identified Algol as an eclipsing variable and discovered δ Cephei
3117 Niepce Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, 18th–19th-century photography pioneer
3118 Claytonsmith Clayton Albert Smith, 20th-century astrometrist, director of the Yale-Columbia Southern Observatory and later the United States Naval Observatory's astrometry department
3119 Dobronravin Petr Pavlovich Dobronravin, 20th-century astrophysicist and spectroscopist, deputy director of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory 1952–1969
3120 Dangrania Daniil Aleksandrovich Granin, 20th-century writer
3121 Tamines Tamines, Belgium, now called (Sambreville)
3122 Florence Florence Nightingale, nurse and hospital reformer
3123 Dunham David Waring Dunham, astronomer, organizer of the International Occultation Timing Association
3124 Kansas Kansas, United States, and the University of Kansas
3125 Hay William Thompson Hay, music-hall comedian, early film star, amateur astronomer
3126 Davydov Denis Vasil'evich Davydov, 18th–19th-century officer, writer and poet, hero of the Patriotic War of 1812
3127 Bagration Petr Ivanovich Bagration, 18th–19th-century (of Georgian descent) general, hero of the Patriotic War of 1812
3128 Obruchev Vladimir Afanasjevich Obruchev, 19th–20th-century geologist, geographer, and author of popular books on science and science-fiction novels
3129 Bonestell Chesley Bonestell, space artist. Named following a competition organized by the Planetary Society
3130 Hillary Sir Edmund Hillary, mountaineer
3131 Mason-Dixon Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, 18th-century astronomers who observed the 1761
3132 Landgraf Werner Landgraf, astronomer, who established the orbit (and whose initials appear in the provisional designation)
3133 Sendai Sendai, Japan, the "Heidelberg of the East" (this object was discovered from Heidelberg) and the Sendai Municipal Astronomical Observatory
3134 Kostinsky Sergej Konstantinovich Kostinskij, 19th–20th-century astronomer, after whom the Kostinsky effect is named
3135 Lauer Tod R. Lauer, astronomer, who participated in the Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey while an undergraduate student at Caltech
3136 Anshan Anshan, China
3137 Horky hill, site of Antonín Mrkos' first telescope
3138 Ciney Ciney, Belgium, chief town of the Condroz, where the discoverer maintains a residence
3139 Shantou Shantou, China
3140 Stellafane Stellafane, the annual Vermont star party organized by the Springfield Telescope Makers
3141 Buchar Emil Buchar (1901–1979), discoverer of minor planets and pioneer of satellite geodesy
3142 Kilopi kilo pi (1000*π, rounds off to 3142)
3143 Genecampbell I. Gene Campbell, systems programmer in the central computing facility at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
3144 Brosche Peter Brosche, 20th-century astronomer
3145 Walter Adams Walter Sydney Adams, 19th–20th-century astronomer
3146 Dato Dato Kratsashvili (1963–1980), a young Georgian painter
3147 Samantha Samantha Reed Smith, 20th-century schoolgirl who became "America's Youngest Ambassador"
3148 Grechko Georgii Mikhailovich Grechko, cosmonaut and scientist
3149 Okudzhava Bulat Okudzhava, (of Georgian descent) writer, poet and songwriter
3150 Tosa Tosa Province (Ancient name of Kōchi Prefecture), Japan, the discoverer's place of residence
3151 Talbot Henry Fox Talbot (1800–1877), inventor and pioneer of photography
3152 Jones Albert F. A. L. Jones (1920–2013), New Zealand amateur astronomer
3153 Lincoln Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865), 16th President of the United States
3154 Grant Ulysses S. Grant (1822–1885), 18th President of the United States
3155 Lee Robert E. Lee (1807–1870), general and commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in the Civil War
3156 Ellington Duke Ellington (1899–1974), musician
3157 Novikov Alexei Ivanovich Novikov (1916–1986), aviator and poet
3158 Anga Siberian village, birthplace of etnographers Ivan Evseevich Venyaminov and Afanasij Prokopevich Shchapov
3159 Prokof'ev Vladimir Prokofiev (1898–1993), spectroscopist
3160 Angerhofer Phillip Edward Angerhofer (1950–1986), astronomer and astrophysicist at USNO
3161 Beadell Len Beadell (1923–1995), Australian surveyor
3162 Nostalgia Nostalgia, a sentimentality for the past
3163 Randi James Randi (born 1928), magician and science skeptic, who debunked numerous paranormal and pseudoscientific claims
3164 Prast Martin Prast, citizen and war veteran
3165 Mikawa Mikawa Province (Ancient name of eastern half of Aichi Prefecture), Japan
3166 Klondike The brothers Karl F. Joutsen and Anton F. Johnson, who made a fortune in the Klondike Gold Rush
3167 Babcock Horace W. Babcock (1912–2003)and his father Harold D. Babcock (1882–1968), astronomers
3168 Lomnický Štít Lomnický Štít, meteorological and solar observatory
3169 Ostro Steven Jeffrey Ostro (1946–2008), radar astronomer
3170 Dzhanibekov Vladimir Dzhanibekov (born 1942), cosmonaut
3171 Wangshouguan Shou-Guan Wang (Wang Shouguan), astronomer and honorary president of the Astronomical Society
3172 Hirst William Parkinson Hirst, South African astronomer and orbit computer
3173 McNaught Robert McNaught (born 1956), astronomer and discoverer of minor planets
3174 Alcock George Alcock (1912–2000), comet and nova hunter
3175 Netto Edgar Rangel Netto, Brazilian astronomer
3176 Paolicchi Paolo Paolicchi, Italian astrophysicist and professor at University of Pisa
3177 Chillicothe City of Chillicothe, Ohio
3178 Yoshitsune Minamoto no Yoshitsune (1159–1189), nobleman and military commander, and one of the best known samurais
3179 Beruti Arturo Berutti (1862–1938), Argentinian composer of classical music, known for his operas Pampa, Kryse, Evangelina and Taras Bulba
3180 Morgan William Wilson Morgan (1906–1994), astronomer
3181 Ahnert Paul Oswald Ahnert (1897–1989), astronomer and author of the annual Kalender fur Sternfreunde
3182 Shimanto Shimanto River, longest river of the discoverer's home prefecture of Kochi, Japan
3183 Franzkaiser Franz Kaiser (1891–1962), astronomer
3184 Raab Herbert Raab (born 1969), Austrian software engineer and amateur astronomer, author of Astrometrica software
3185 Clintford Clinton B. Ford (1913–1992), investor and amateur astronomer
3186 Manuilova Olga Maksimilianovna Manuilova (1893–1984), sculptor
3187 Dalian Dalian, China
3188 Jekabsons Peter Jekabsons (1943–1990), Australian amateur astrpmp,er and astronomical painter, whose paintings adorn the walls of the discovering Perth Observatory
3189 Penza Penza, city
3190 Aposhanskij Vladimir Mikhailovich Aposhanskij (1910–1943), a poet and journalist
3191 Svanetia Svanetia, a mountainous district in Georgia
3192 A'Hearn Michael A'Hearn (1940–2017), astronomer
3193 Elliot James L. Elliot (1943–2011), professor of physics and astronomy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-discoverer of the Uranian rings
3194 Dorsey Dorsey Taylor Shoemaker Jr., businessman and uncle of Eugene Shoemaker (formerly credited 2nd discoverer)
3195 Fedchenko The Fedchenko family: Alexei Pavlovich Fedchenko (1844–1873), naturalist and explorer, his wife Olga Fedchenko (1845–1921), botanist and plant collector, and their son Boris Fedtschenko (1872–1947), botanist, geographer and writer.
3196 Maklaj Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay (1846–1888), ethnologist and anthropologist who studied the Papuans in New Guinea
3197 Weissman Paul Robert Weissman, cometary physicist
3198 Wallonia Wallonia (Walloon Region), one of the three federal regions of Belgium
3199 Nefertiti Nefertiti (c. 1370), Ancient Egyptian queen
3200 Phaethon Phaethon from Greek mythology. Drove a chariot bad.
3201 Sijthoff Albert Georg Sijthoff, a publisher whose family backed the construction of the Sijthoff Planetarium in The Hague in 1934.
3202 Graff Gareth (Graff) Vaughan Williams, astronomer
3203 Huth Hans Huth (1925–1988), astronomer
3204 Lindgren Astrid Lindgren, writer
3205 Boksenberg Alexander Boksenberg, astronomer
3206 Wuhan Wuhan, most populous city in Central China
3207 Spinrad Hyron Spinrad, astronomer
3208 Lunn Borge Lunn, civil engineer and metallurgist
3209 Buchwald Vagn Fabritius Buchwald, meteoriticist
3210 Lupishko Dmitrii Lupishko, Ukrainian astronomer
3211 Louispharailda Louis Pierre Van Biesbroeck, and Pharailda de Colpaert Van Biesbroeck, parents of the discoverer
3212 Agricola Georg Agricola, scientist, "father of mineralogy"
3213 Smolensk Smolensk, city
3214 Makarenko Anton Makarenko, teacher and writer
3215 Lapko Konstantin Kuz'mich Lapko, surgeon
3216 Harrington Robert Sutton Harrington, astronomer
3217 Seidelmann Paul Kenneth Seidelmann, astronomer
3218 Delphine Delphine Jehoulet Delsemme, wife of Armand Delsemme, a Belgian-born astronomer at the University of Toledo in Ohio (see (2954))
3219 Komaki Kōjirō Komaki, amateur astronomer
3220 Murayama Sadao Murayama, astronomer
3221 Changshi Changshu, China
3222 Liller William Liller, astronomer †
3223 Forsius Sigfrid Aronus Forsius (also known as Siegfried Aronsen), Finnish-born Professor of Astronomy in Uppsala, Sweden. His 1611
3224 Irkutsk Irkutsk, Russia
3225 Hoag Arthur Allen Hoag, astronomer
3226 Plinius Pliny the Elder (or Pliny the Younger)
3227 Hasegawa Ichirō Hasegawa, astronomer
3228 Pire Georges Pire (Father Dominique), Belgian monk (Dominican Order), winner of the 1958
3229 Solnhofen Solnhofen, south (SSE) of Nuremberg in Germany and known for its limestone and fossils
3230 Vampilov Aleksandr Valentinovich Vampilov, playwright
3231 Mila Lyudmila Pakhomova, ice dancer
3232 Brest Brest, a city in Belarus
3233 Krišbarons Krišjānis Barons, Latvian folklorist
3234 Hergiani Mikhail Vissarionovich Hergiani, famous mountaineer
3235 Melchior Paul Jacques Léon Melchior, Belgian geophysicist
3236 Strand Kaj Aage Gunnar Strand, and astronomer
3237 Victorplatt Victor Platt, actor
3238 Timresovia Nikolay Timofeeff-Ressovsky, biologist
3239 Meizhou Meizhou, China
3240 Laocoon Laocoön, Trojan priest of Poseidon
3241 Yeshuhua Ye Shuhua, astronomer
3242 Bakhchisaraj Bakhchisaray, a town in Crimea, the center of the same district where Crimean Astrophysical Observatory was created
3243 Skytel named after Sky and Telescope magazine for its 50th anniversary
3244 Petronius Petronius, Roman writer
3245 Jensch Alfred Jensch, astronomer
3246 Bidstrup Herluf Bidstrup, caricaturist
3247 Di Martino Mario Di Martino (born 1947), astronomer at the Turin Observatory
3248 Farinella Paolo Farinella, astronomer
3249 Musashino Musashino, a suburb of Tokyo, Japan
3250 Martebo Martebo, Gotland island, Sweden
3251 Eratosthenes Eratosthenes, Ancient Greek scientist
3252 Johnny Johnny Carson, TV host and comedian, and amateur astronomer
3253 Gradie Jonathan Carey Gradie, astronomer
3254 Bus Schelte John Bus, astronomer
3255 Tholen David James Tholen, astronomer
3256 Daguerre Louis Daguerre, chemist and artist, pioneer of photography (the Daguerreotype process)
3257 Hanzlík Stanislav Hanzlík, meteorologist and climatologist
3258 Somnium Kepler's novel Somnium, sive opus posthumum de astronomia lunaris
3259 Brownlee Donald Eugene Brownlee, astronomer
3260 Vizbor Yurii Iosifovich Vizbor, actor, poet, writer, composer and playwright
3261 Tvardovskij Aleksandr Tvardovsky, poet
3262 Miune Miune, mountain in Kōchi, Japan
3263 Bligh William Bligh, captain of the Bounty
3264 Bounty HMS Bounty, ship
3265 Fletcher Fletcher Christian, Bounty mutineer
3266 Bernardus Andres Bernardus Muller, astronomer
3267 Glo Nickname of Eleanor F. Helin, astronomer, comet hunter, and advisor to the Planetary Society
3268 De Sanctis Giovanni de Sanctis, astronomer
3269 Vibert-Douglas Allie Vibert Douglas, astronomer
3270 Dudley H. Dudley Wright, engineer, inventor, entrepreneur and benefactor of science, education and the arts in California and in Geneva, Switzerland.
3271 Ul Ul, a lunar deity in the mythology of Vanuatu
3272 Tillandz Elias Erici Tillandz (Elias Tillander), physician and botanist
3273 Drukar Ivan Fyodorov, one of the first printers of books in Russia and Ukraine. The word Drukar means ‘printer’ in Ukrainian and old Russian.
3274 Maillen Maillen, Belgium
3275 Oberndorfer Hans Oberndorfer, amateur astronomer, director of the Bavarian Public Observatory (Volkssternwarte München)
3276 Porta Coeli Porta Coeli ("Gateway to Heaven") convent in Tišnov, Republic
3277 Aaronson Marc Aaronson, astronomer
3278 Běhounek František Běhounek, physicist
3279 Solon Solon, Greek lawmaker
3280 Grétry André Ernest Modeste Grétry, Belgian (Walloon) composer
3281 Maupertuis Pierre Louis Maupertuis, mathematician and astronomer
3282 Spencer Jones Sir Harold Spencer Jones, astronomer, former Astronomer Royal
3283 Skorina Frantsisk Skorina, first doctor of medicine in Belarus, printer and publisher
3284 Niebuhr Reinhold Niebuhr, theologian
3285 Ruth Wolfe Ruth F. Wolfe, geologist, colleague of Gene and Carolyn Shoemaker at the United States Geological Survey
3286 Anatoliya Anatoly V. Karachkin, brother of the discoverer's husband
3287 Olmstead C. Michelle Olmstead, astronomer
3288 Seleucus Seleucus I Nicator, one of the generals of Alexander the Great and heir to the largest part of his empire
3289 Mitani Tetsuyasu Mitani, astronomer not Takefumi Mitani, astronomer
3290 Azabu Azabu, a district of Tokyo, Japan
3291 Dunlap J. Lawrence Dunlap, astronomer
3292 Sather Bob Sather, research assistant Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
3293 Rontaylor Ronald C. Taylor, astronomer
3294 Carlvesely Carl D. Vesely, astronomer
3295 Murakami Tadayoshi Murakami, astronomer
3296 Bosque Alegre the astrophysical station of Córdoba Observatory in Argentina
3297 Hong Kong Hong Kong, China
3298 Massandra Massandra, town in Crimea
3299 Hall John Scoville Hall, astronomer
3300 McGlasson Scottish Surname of a small clan located in the highlands of Scotland.
3301 Jansje Jansje Verveer, mother of astronomer Arie Verveer
3302 Schliemann Heinrich Schliemann, archaeologist
3303 Merta František Merta (1872–1953), teacher and journalist. Grandfather of the discoverer.
3304 Pearce Joseph A. Pearce, astronomer
3305 Ceadams Charles Edward Adams, astronomer
3306 Byron Lord Byron, poet
3307 Athabasca The Athabascans, ancient people of North America
3308 Ferreri Walter Ferreri, astronomer
3309 Brorfelde Brorfelde Observatory in Denmark
3310 Patsy Patricia Tombaugh (1912–2012), wife of discoverer Clyde Tombaugh
3311 Podobed Vladimir Vladimirovich Podobed, astronomer
3312 Pedersen Holger Pedersen, astronomer
3313 Mendel Gregor Johann Mendel, father of genetics
3314 Beals Carlyle Smith Beals, astronomer
3315 Chant Clarence Augustus Chant, astronomer
3316 Herzberg Gerhard Herzberg, chemist and astronomer
3317 Paris Paris, Trojan prince
3318 Blixen Karen Blixen, writer
3319 Kibi Kibi Province (ancient name of Okayama Prefecture and eastern half of Hiroshima Prefecture), Japan
3320 Namba Naniwa, traditional name of Osaka, Japan
3321 Dasha Darya Lavrentyevna Mikhailova (known as Dasha Sevastopolskaya), sister of charity
3322 Lidiya Lidiya Vissarionovna Zvereva, the first female aviator
3323 Turgenev Ivan Turgenev, writer
3324 Avsyuk Yurii Nikolaevich Avsyuk, geophysicist (specialist in gravimetry and geodynamics)
3325 TARDIS The TARDIS, time machine in Doctor Who
3326 Agafonikov Askol'd M. Agafonikov, Russian(?) geophysicist
3327 Campins Humberto Campins (Humberto Campins Camejo), Venezuelan-born astronomer
3328 Interposita The discovery film was exposed hastily between two satellite laser ranging sessions in the adjacent dome.
3329 Golay Marcel Golay, Swiss astronomer
3330 Gantrisch Gantrisch, a mountain south of Bern in Switzerland
3331 Kvistaberg Kvistaberg, site of Uppsala Observatory, Sweden
3332 Raksha Yury Mikhailovich Raksha, artist
3333 Schaber Gerald Gene Schaber, planetary geologist
3334 Somov Mikhail M. Somov, Antarctic explorer
3335 Quanzhou Quanzhou, China
3336 Grygar Jiří Grygar, astronomer
3337 Miloš Miloš Tichý, astronomer
3338 Richter Nikolaus B. Richter (1910–1980), first director of the Tautenburg Observatory (1960–1975)
3339 Treshnikov Aleksei Fedorovich Treshnikov, Antarctic explorer
3340 Yinhai Yinhai, China
3341 Hartmann William Kenneth Hartmann, planetary scientist, writer, and painter
3342 Fivesparks In honor of Newton and Margaret Mayall, astronomer. The name refers to their residence in Cambridge, Massachusetts
3343 Nedzel V. Alexander Nedzel
3344 Modena Modena, city in Italy
3345 Tarkovskij Andrei Tarkovsky, film producer
3346 Gerla Gertrude Lawrence, actress
3347 Konstantin Konstantin Kalinin, aviator
3348 Pokryshkin Aleksandr Ivanovich Pokryshkin, pilot
3349 Manas Manas, a Kyrgyz epic poem
3350 Scobee Francis "Dick" Scobee, STS-51-L crew member
3351 Smith Michael J. Smith, STS-51-L crew member
3352 McAuliffe Christa McAuliffe, STS-51-L crew member
3353 Jarvis Gregory Jarvis, STS-51-L crew member
3354 McNair Ronald McNair, STS-51-L crew member
3355 Onizuka Ellison Onizuka, STS-51-L crew member
3356 Resnik Judith Resnik, STS-51-L crew member
3357 Tolstikov Yevgeny Ivanovich Tolstikov, meteorologist
3358 Anikushin Mikhail Anikushin, sculptor
3359 Purcari Moldavian wine producer
3360 Syrinx Syrinx, a nymph
3361 Orpheus Orpheus, mythological Greek musician
3362 Khufu Khufu, Egyptian pharaoh
3363 Bowen Ira Sprague Bowen, astronomer*
3364 Zdenka Zdeňka Vávrová, astronomer
3365 Recogne Recogne in the Ardennes, Belgium
3366 Gödel Kurt Gödel, Austro-Hungarian logician
3367 Alex Alex R. Baltutis, grandson of the discoverer
3368 Duncombe Raynor Lockwood Duncombe, astronomer
3369 Freuchen Peter Freuchen, polar explorer and author
3370 Kohsai Hiroki Kosai, astronomer
3371 Giacconi Riccardo Giacconi, Italian-born astrophysicist and winner (with Raymond Davis and Masatoshi Koshiba) of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2002
3372 Bratijchuk M. V. Bratiichuk, Ukrainian astronomer
3373 Koktebelia Koktebel, a resort on the Black Sea in Crimea
3374 Namur Namur, capital of the region of Wallonia in Belgium
3375 Amy Amy Shoemaker Prescott, relative of the discoverer
3376 Armandhammer Armand Hammer, industrialist and art collector
3377 Lodewijk Lodewijk Woltjer, astronomer
3378 Susanvictoria Susan Titus and Victoria Van Biesbroeck Streeter, granddaughters of the discoverer
3379 Oishi Hideo Oishi, amateur astronomer
3380 Awaji Awaji Island, Japan
3381 Mikkola Seppo Mikkola, Finnish astronomer
3382 Cassidy William Arthur Cassidy, meteoriticist
3383 Koyama Hisako Koyama, amateur astronomer
3384 Daliya Vladimir Dahl, lexicologist and ethnographer
3385 Bronnina Nina Mikhajlovna Bronnikova, astronomer
3386 Klementinum The Clementinum, college in Prague
3387 Greenberg Richard J. Greenberg, planetary scientist at the University of Arizona
3388 Tsanghinchi Hin-Chi Tsang,
3389 Sinzot Family name of the discoverer's grandmother
3390 Demanet The family name of the discoverer's paternal grandmother
3391 Sinon Sinon, mythical Greek warrior
3392 Setouchi Setouchi Region, Japan
3393 Štúr Ľudovít Štúr (1815–1856), Slovak leader and writer
3394 Banno Yoshiaki Banno, engineer
3395 Jitka Jitka Beneš, astronomer
3396 Muazzez Muazzez K. Lohmiller, staff member of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
3397 Leyla Nancy Leyla Lohmiller, daughter of Muazzez Lohmiller
3398 Stättmayer Peter Stättmayer, amateur astronomer, director of the Munich Public Observatory
3399 Kobzon Joseph Kobzon, singer
3400 Aotearoa Māori name for New Zealand
3401 Vanphilos Named by G. V. Williams in honor of his friends Vanessa Hall and Philip Osborne
3402 Wisdom Jack Wisdom, astronomer at MIT
3403 Tammy Tammy Irelan, wife of R. L. Irelan staff member at Lincoln Laboratory's Experimental Test Site
3404 Hinderer Fritz Hinderer (1912–1991), astronomer at Babelsberg Observatory
3405 Daiwensai Wen-Sai Dai (1911–1979), astronomer
3406 Omsk Omsk, Russia
3407 Jimmysimms James A. C. Simms III, system administrator
3408 Shalamov Varlam Tikhonovich Shalamov, writer
3409 Abramov Fyodor Abramov, writer
3410 Vereshchagin Vasili Vasilyevich Vereshchagin, painter
3411 Debetencourt The family name of the mother of Georges Roland, who co-discovered Comet Arend–Roland
3412 Kafka Franz Kafka, writer
3413 Andriana Andriana Marie Hazelton, granddaughter of the discoverer Norman G. Thomas
3414 Champollion Jean-François Champollion, linguist
3415 Danby Anthony Danby (John Michael Anthony Danby), mathematician formerly of North Carolina State University
3416 Dorrit Dorrit Hoffleit, astronomer
3417 Tamblyn Peter Tamblyn, astronomer
3418 Izvekov Vladimir Izvekov, astronomer
3419 Guth Vladimír Guth, astronomer
3420 Standish E Myles Standish, Jr., astronomer, Caltech/JPL
3421 Yangchenning Yang Zhenning (Chen Ning Franklin Yang), physicist
3422 Reid Ruth and Gordon Reid (1923–1989), professor of politics at the University of Western Australia
3423 Slouka Hubert Slouka, astronomer
3424 Nušl František Nušl, astronomer and mathematician
3425 Hurukawa Kiichiro Hurukawa, astronomer
3426 Seki Tsutomu Seki, astronomer
3427 Szentmártoni Béla Szentmártoni, Hungarian amateur astronomer
3428 Roberts Walter Orr Roberts, astronomer and atmospheric physicist
3429 Chuvaev Konstantin Chuvaev, astronomer
3430 Bradfield William A. Bradfield, Australian amateur astronomer
3431 Nakano Syuichi Nakano, astronomer
3432 Kobuchizawa Kobuchizawa Observatory in Japan which contributes asteroid (Near Earth Objects) observations to the Minor Planet Center
3433 Fehrenbach Charles Fehrenbach, astronomer
3434 Hurless Carolyn Hurless, amateur astronomer
3435 Boury Arsène Boury, Belgian astronomer
3436 Ibadinov Hursandkul Ibadinov, Tajik astronomer
3437 Kapitsa Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa, physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1978
3438 Inarradas Argentine Institute of Radio Astronomy Spanish: Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomia
3439 Lebofsky Larry Lebofsky, astronomer
3440 Stampfer Simon Stampfer, Austrian geodesist and astronomer, pioneer of cinematography
3441 Pochaina Pochaina (uk), a tributary of the Dnieper in the Ukraine
3442 Yashin Lev Yashin, goalkeeper
3443 Leetsungdao Tsung-Dao Lee, physicist and winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics
3444 Stepanian Jivan A. Stepanian, Armenian astronomer
3445 Pinson William H. Pinson, geochemist
3446 Combes Michel-Alain Combes, astronomer
3447 Burckhalter Charles Burckhalter, astronomer
3448 Narbut Heorhiy Narbut
3449 Abell George O. Abell, astronomer
3450 Dommanget Jean Dommanget, Belgian astronomer
3451 Mentor Mentor, mythological Greek king, son of Imbrus at Pedaseus, father of Imbrius, ally of the Trojans
3452 Hawke Bernard Ray Hawke, planetary geologist
3453 Dostoevsky Fyodor Dostoevsky, writer
3454 Lieske Jay Henry Lieske, astronomer
3455 Kristensen Leif Kahl Kristensen, astronomer
3456 Etiennemarey Étienne-Jules Marey, surgeon, physiologist, inventor of the chronophotograph, pioneer of cinematography, contemporary of Eadweard Muybridge
3457 Arnenordheim Arne Nordheim, Norwegian composer
3458 Boduognat Boduognat or Boduognatus, leader of the Nervii in Gaul who, with the Atrebates and Viromandui, fought Julius Caesar in 57
3459 Bodil Bodil Jensen, wife of the discoverer Poul Jensen
3460 Ashkova Nataliya Ashkova, astronomer at the Institute for Theoretical Astronomy
3461 Mandelshtam Osip Mandelstam, poet
3462 Zhouguangzhao Zhou Guangzhao
3463 Kaokuen Charles K. Kao
3464 Owensby Pamela D. Owensby, planetary astronomer at the University of Hawaii
3465 Trevires Ancient Belgian tribe, mentioned in Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars
3466 Ritina discoverer's daughter Margarita, who was also an astronomer at Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
3467 Bernheim Robert Burnham, Jr.
3468 Urgenta Type of potato
3469 Bulgakov Mikhail Bulgakov, writer
3470 Yaronika discoverer's son Yaroslav, who also works at CrAO
3471 Amelin Valentin Amelin, geodesist
3472 Upgren Arthur Upgren, astronomer
3473 Sapporo Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
3474 Linsley Earl Garfield Linsley (1882–1969), professor of geography at Mills College, California
3475 Fichte Hubert Fichte, writer
3476 Dongguan Dongguan, China
3477 Kazbegi Mount Kazbek, on the border between Georgia and Russia
3478 Fanale Fraser Fanale, planetary geologist
3479 Malaparte Curzio Malaparte (Kurt (Erich) Suckert), Italian writer
3480 Abante Robert Hamilton Brown, planetary astronomer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
3481 Xianglupeak Xianglu Peak ("Incense Burner Peak", 557
3482 Lesnaya village Lesnaya, near which Swedes were defeated by the army in the Battle of Lesnaya
3483 Svetlov Mikhail Arkadyevich Svetlov, poet
3484 Neugebauer The Neugebauers, family of physicists and mathematicians: Otto Neugebauer, historian of astronomy, Marcia Neugebauer and Gerald Neugebauer, both astronomers
3485 Barucci Maria Antonietta Barucci, astronomer
3486 Fulchignoni Marcello Fulchignoni, astronomer
3487 Edgeworth Kenneth Essex Edgeworth, Irish engineer
3488 Brahic André Brahic, astronomer
3489 Lottie Lottie Soll-Herkenhoff, wife of co-discoverer Kenneth E. Herkenhoff
3490 Šolc Ivan Šolc, inventor
3491 Fridolin Fridolin Becker, Swiss cartographer or Fridolin Anderwert, Swiss politician or Saint Fridolin (Fridolin von Säckingen), Irish missionary
3492 Petra-Pepi Daughter of the discoverer
3493 Stepanov Vladimir Stepanov, physicist
3494 Purple Mountain Purple Mountain Observatory, China
3495 Colchagua Colchagua Province, Chile
3496 Arieso name consists of acronyms of Astronomisches Rechen-Institut and the European Southern Observatory
3497 Innanen Kimmo Innanen, astronomer
3498 Belton Michael J. Belton, astronomer
3499 Hoppe Johannes Hoppe (1907–), professor of astronomy at the University of Jena
3500 Kobayashi Takao Kobayashi, astronomer
3501 Olegiya Oleg Korotsev (born 1922), astronomer
3502 Huangpu Huangpu District, Shanghai
3503 Brandt John Conrad Brandt, astronomer and author
3504 Kholshevnikov Konstantin Kholshevnikov, astronomer
3505 Byrd Deborah Byrd, producer of the Earth & Sky radio series
3506 Linda M. French, astronomer, Professor of Physics, Illinois Wesleyan University
3507 Vilas Faith Vilas, planetary scientist and Director of the MMT Observatory in Arizona
3508 Pasternak Boris Pasternak, writer
3509 Sanshui Sanshui City
3510 Veeder Glenn John Veeder, astronomer
3511 Tsvetaeva Marina Tsvetaeva, poet
3512 Eriepa Erie, Pennsylvania
3513 Quqinyue Qu Qinyue, astronomer
3514 Hooke Robert Hooke, scientist
3515 Jindra Lumír Jindra (born 1936), pharmacologist and friend of the discoverer
3516 Rusheva Nadya Rusheva, painter
3517 Tatianicheva Lyudmila Tatianicheva (1915–1980), poetess
3518 Florena Pavel Florensky (1882–1943), religious philosopher, physicist and mathematician and hisson, Kirill Florensky (1915–1982), geochemist and mineralogist
3519 Ambiorix Ambiorix, leader of Belgian tribe in time of the Romans
3520 Klopsteg probably physicist Paul E. Klopsteg
3521 Comrie Leslie Comrie, New Zealand-born astronomer and pioneer in mathematical computation
3522 Becker Ludwig Becker, astronomer
3523 Arina Arina Rodionovna Yakoleva (1758–1828), the nurse of poet Alexander Pushkin
3524 Schulz Charles M. Schulz (1922–2000), cartoonist and creator of the comic strip Peanuts (Charlie Brown; Charlie Brown).
3525 Paul Paul J. Baltutis, son-in-law of the discoverer Norman G. Thomas
3526 Jeffbell Space scientist/writer Jeffrey F. Bell
3527 McCord Thomas Bard McCord, astronomer (planetary geologist)
3528 Counselman Charles Claude Counselman III (born 1943), planetary scientist
3529 Dowling Timothy Dowling, planetary scientist
3530 Hammel Heidi Beth Hammel, planetary scientist
3531 Cruikshank Dale Cruikshank, NASA space scientist
3532 Tracie Tracie Lynn Ojakangas, wife of co-discoverer Gregory Wayne Ojakangas
3533 Toyota Toyota, Aichi, Japan
3534 Sax Antoine-Joseph "Adolphe" Sax, Belgian musical instrument designer, best known for inventing the saxophone
3535 Ditte the main character of Ditte, a human child novel by Martin Andersen Nexø
3536 Schleicher David Schleicher, astronomer at Lowell Observatory
3537 Jürgen Jürgen Rahe (1939–1997), Director of NASA's Solar System Exploration Division
3538 Nelsonia Elisabeth Nelson, secretary at Heidelberg Observatory and Max Planck Institute for Astronomy
3539 Weimar Weimar, Germany
3540 Protesilaos Protesilaos, mythical person related to Trojan War
3541 Graham Lloyd Wilson Graham (1940- ), executive director of the department of state services, who supported the Perth Observatory
3542 Tanjiazhen Tan Jiazhen, geneticist
3543 Ningbo Ningbo city
3544 Borodino Village in Russia, where the Battle of Borodino took place in 1812
3545 Gaffey Michael James Gaffey, planetary geologist
3546 Atanasoff John Vincent Atanasoff, (of Bulgarian descent) mathematician and physicist, inventor of the Atanasoff–Berry Computer
3547 Serov Valentin Serov, painter
3548 Eurybates Eurybates, mythological Greek soldier
3549 Hapke Bruce William Hapke, planetary scientist
3550 Link František Link (1906–1984), astronomer
3551 Verenia First vestal virgin consecrated by the legendary Roman king Numa Pompilius
3552 Don Quixote Don Quixote, eponymous hero of the novel by Cervantes
3553 Mera Maera, a daughter of Praetus
3554 Amun Amun, Egyptian god
3555 Miyasaka Seidai Miyasaka, astronomer
3556 Lixiaohua Li Xiaohua,
3557 Sokolsky Andrei Sokolskii, astronomer
3558 Shishkin Ivan Shishkin, painter
3559 Violaumayer Martin Mayer, amateur astronomer, operating from the Violau Public Observatory
3560 Chenqian Chen Qian, director of the History Museum of Astronomy, helped to popularize astronomy in China. Dictionary of Minor Planet Names.
3561 Devine John Devine Hazelton, son-in-law of the discoverer Norman G. Thomas
3562 Ignatius Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
3563 Canterbury Canterbury, New Zealand
3564 Talthybius Talthybius, mythological Greek soldier
3565 Ojima Ojima, Gunma, Japan, where the discoverers' observatory was situated
3566 Levitan Isaac Levitan, painter
3567 Alvema The three great-granddaughters of the discoverer Eugène Joseph Delporte, Aline De Middelaer, and Véronique and Martine Warck
3568 ASCII ASCII Corporation, Japan
3569 Kumon Toru Kumon, educator
3570 Wuyeesun Wu Yeesun, a famous bonsai artist
3571 Milanštefánik Milan Rastislav Štefánik, Slovak-astronomer, meteorologist, general, one of the founders of Czechoslovakia
3572 Leogoldberg Leo Goldberg, astronomer
3573 Holmberg Erik Holmberg, astronomer
3574 Rudaux Lucien Rudaux, astronomer
3575 Anyuta Anna Shishmareva, parachutist
3576 Galina Galina Pyasetskyaya, parachutist
3577 Putilin Ivan Putilin (1893–1954), minor planet researcher
3578 Carestia Reinaldo Carestia (1932–1993) researcher at the Felix Aguilar Observatory in Argentina
3579 Rockholt Ronald Rockholt (born 1928), scientist
3580 Avery Avery Jordan Thomas (born 1994), grandson of the discoverer
3581 Alvarez Luis Alvarez and his son Walter Alvarez, discoverers of the Iridium layer associated with the meteor impact which killed the dinosaurs 65
3582 Cyrano Cyrano de Bergerac, dramatist
3583 Burdett Burdett, Kansas, hometown of discoverer Clyde Tombaugh
3584 Aisha Aisha Renee Thomas (born 1991), granddaughter of the discoverer Norman G. Thomas
3585 Goshirakawa Emperor Go-Shirakawa, Japan
3586 Vasnetsov Viktor Vasnetsov and Apollinary Vasnetsov, painters
3587 Descartes René Descartes, philosopher
3588 Kirik Kirik the Novgorodian, a twelfth-century Novgorodian monk of the Antoniev Monastery
3589 Loyola Loyola, Spain, birthplace of Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus
3590 Holst Gustav Holst, composer
3591 Vladimirskij Boris Vladimirskij, astronomer at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
3592 Nedbal Oskar Nedbal, composer
3593 Osip David J. Osip, researcher at Lowell Observatory
3594 Scotti James V. Scotti (born 1960), astronomer (member of Spacewatch team)
3595 Gallagher John S. Gallagher III, director of the Lowell Observatory
3596 Meriones Meriones, mythical Greek warrior
3597 Kakkuri Juhani Kakkuri, geodesist
3598 Saucier Agnes Saucier, grandmother of the discoverer Ellen Suzanne Howell
3599 Basov Nikolay Basov, physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate
3600 Archimedes Archimedes, ancient Greek scientist
3601 Velikhov Evgenij Velikhov, physicist and member of the Academy of Sciences
3602 Lazzaro Daniela Lazzaro, Brazilian astronomer
3603 Gajdušek Vilém Gajdušek, telescope maker
3604 Berkhuijsen Ellie Berkhuijsen, astronomer
3605 Davy Humphry Davy, chemist
3606 Pohjola Pohjola, location in Finnish mythology
3607 Naniwa Naniwa, traditional name of Osaka, Japan
3608 Kataev Valentin Kataev (1897–1986), writer
3609 Liloketai Loke-Tai Li, educator
3610 Decampos José de Campos, Brazilian astronomer at Valongo Observatory
3611 Dabu Dabu County, Guangdong, China
3612 Peale Stanton J. Peale, astrophysicist and planetary astronomer
3613 Kunlun Kunlun, mountain range in China
3614 Tumilty Jodi Anne Tumilty Thomas, daughter-in-law of the discoverer Norman G. Thomas
3615 Safronov Viktor Safronov, astronomer
3616 Glazunov Ilya Glazunov, painter
3617 Eicher David J. Eicher, writer popularizer of astronomy and former editor-in-chief of Astronomy
3618 Kuprin Aleksandr Kuprin, writer
3619 Nash Douglas B. Nash, planetary scientist
3620 Platonov Andrei Platonov, writer
3621 Curtis Curtis R. Carbutt (1911–1976), a teacher of the discoverer Norman G. Thomas
3622 Ilinsky Igor Ilyinsky, actor
3623 Chaplin Charlie Chaplin, comedy actor
3624 Mironov Andrei Mironov, actor and producer
3625 Fracastoro Mario Fracastoro, astronomer
3626 Ohsaki Shoji Osaki, astronomical historian
3627 Sayers Dorothy Leigh Sayers, author
3628 Božněmcová Božena Němcová, writer
3629 Lebedinskij Aleksandr Lebedinski, astronomer
3630 Lubomír Slavic first name
3631 Sigyn Daughter of the discoverer
3632 Grachevka a village in Tambov Oblast (now Lipetsk Oblast), Russia, the birthplace of discoverer's parents Stepan Chernykh and Melaniya Chernykh
3633 Mira Hugo Mira (1937–1994), researcher at Felix Aguilar Observatory, Argentina
3634 Iwan Iwan P. Williams, astronomer
3635 Kreutz Heinrich Kreutz, astronomer
3636 Pajdušáková Ľudmila Pajdušáková, astronomer
3637 O'Meara Stephen James O'Meara, astronomer, astronomy writer and author and contributing editor to Sky and Telescope
3638 Davis Donald R. Davis, senior scientist at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson
3639 Weidenschilling Stuart J. Weidenschilling, planetary scientist
3640 Gostin Victor Gostin (born 1940), an Australian geologist and researcher of Australian impact craters
3641 Williams Bay Williams Bay, Wisconsin, home of Yerkes Observatory
3642 Frieden German for "peace"
3643 Tienchanglin Chang-Lin Tien, former Chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley
3644 Kojitaku Takuo Kojima, astronomer
3645 Fabini Tatiana Fabini, Slovak astronomy writer
3646 Aduatiques Aduatiques (Aduatuci), an ancient tribe from Namur, Belgium
3647 Dermott Stanley Dermott, astronomer
3648 Raffinetti Virgilio Raffinetti (1869–1946), Argentine astronomer and a director of La Plata Observatory
3649 Guillermina Maria Guillermina Martin de Cesco (born 1915), widow and mother of Argentine astronomers Carlos Cesco and Mario R. Cesco, respectively
3650 Kunming Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province in China
3651 Friedman Louis and Connie Friedman. Louis Friedman was a co-founder of the Planetary Society
3652 Soros George Soros (György Soros), Hungarian-born businessman and philosopher
3653 Klimishin Ivan Klimishin, astronomer
3654 AAS Astronomical Society
3655 Eupraksia Wife of prince Fedor of Ryazan, who lived in the 13th century, she preferred to kill herself to being taken prisoner by Mongol-Tatars
3656 Hemingway Ernest Hemingway, US writer
3657 Ermolova Maria Yermolova, actress
3658 Feldman Paul D. Feldman, astronomer, and Paul A. Feldman, radioastronomer
3659 Bellingshausen Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, Antarctic explorer, who in 1819–1821
3660 Lazarev Mikhail Petrovich Lazarev, admiral
3661 Dolmatovskij Yevgeniy Aronovich Dolmatovsky, poet
3662 Dezhnev Semyon Dezhnyov, explorer
3663 Tisserand Félix Tisserand, astronomer
3664 Anneres Anna Theresia ("Anneres") Schmadel, wife of astronomer Lutz D. Schmadel
3665 Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald, jazz singer
3666 Holman Matthew J. Holman, astronomer
3667 Anne-Marie Anne-Marie Malotki, a friend of the discoverer Edward L. G. Bowell
3668 Ilfpetrov Ilf and Petrov, writers
3669 Vertinskij Alexander Vertinsky, actor, poet and composer
3670 Northcott Ruth Northcott (1913–1969), astronomer
3671 Dionysus Dionysus, Greek god of wine
3672 Stevedberg Stephen J. Edberg, astronomer
3673 Levy David Levy, astronomer and author
3674 Erbisbühl Mountain in Germany and location of the Sonneberg Observatory
3675 Kemstach Marfa Vladimirovna Kemstach (1888–1971) and Semen Stepanovich Kemstach (1880–1938), grandparents of the discoverer Lyudmila Karachkina
3676 Hahn Gerhard Hahn, a planetary astronomer at Uppsala Observatory
3677 Magnusson Per Magnusson, a planetary astronomer at the Uppsala Observatory
3678 Mongmanwai Mong Man Wai, businessman
3679 Condruses Condruzes or Condruses, ancient inhabitants of what is now the Condroz, Belgium
3680 Sasha Alexandra Rachel Druyen Sagan (born 1982), daughter of Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan
3681 Boyan Boyan, bard at the court of Yaroslav the Wise
3682 Welther Barbara Welther (born 1938), historian of science at the Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
3683 Baumann Paul and Helene Baumann, amateur astronomers
3684 Berry Richard Berry, editor-in-chief of Astronomy
3685 Derdenye Derald and Denise Nye, amateur astronomers in Tucson, Arizona
3686 Antoku Emperor Antoku, Japan
3687 Dzus Paul K. Dzus, assistant and volunteer at the Minor Planet Center in the 1980s
3688 Navajo Navajo, Native people in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah
3689 Yeates Anthony N. Yeates, Australian geologist
3690 Larson Stephen M. Larson, planetary scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
3691 Bede The Venerable Bede (673–735), monk and historian
3692 Rickman Hans Rickman (born 1949), a planetary astronomer at Uppsala Observatory
3693 Barringer Daniel Barringer (1860–1929), and pioneer investigator of terrestrial meteorite craters
3694 Sharon Sharon Rachel Vinick, friend of the discoverer Arie William Grossman
3695 Fiala Alan D. Fiala (born 1942), staff astronomer with the USNO who became Chief of the U.S. Nautical Almanac Office in 1992
3696 Herald David Herald, Australian amateur astronomer
3697 Guyhurst Guy Hurst, amateur astronomer from Basingstoke, south central England, who has been observing comets since 1970
3698 Manning Brian Manning (1926–2011), amateur cometary astrometrist
3699 Milbourn Stanley William Milbourn, editor of the circulars of the Astronomical Association
3700 Geowilliams George E. Williams, an Australian geologist, who discovered the Acraman crater
3701 Purkyně Jan Evangelista Purkyně (Johannes Evangelists Purkinje), anatomist, patriot, and physiologist
3702 Trubetskaya Ekaterina Ivanovna Trubetskaya, princess, wife of a Decembrist
3703 Volkonskaya Mariya Nikolayevna Volkonskaya, princess, wife of a Decembrist
3704 Gaoshiqi Gao Shi-Qi, the founder of science popularization in China
3705 Hotellasilla Hotel La Silla" in Chile MPC · 3705
3706 Sinnott Roger W. Sinnott, associate editor of Sky & Telescope
3707 Schröter Johann Hieronymus Schröter, astronomer and selenographer
3709 Polypoites Polypoites, mythical Greek warrior
3710 Bogoslovskij Nikita Bogoslovsky, composer and writer
3711 Ellensburg City of Ellensburg, Washington, United States
3712 Kraft Robert Kraft (1927–2015), professor of astronomy and astrophysics and chairman of the IAU
3713 Pieters Carle M. Pieters (born 1943), geologist and planetary scientist
3714 Kenrussell Ken Russell, film director
3715 Štohl Ján Štohl, astronomer
3716 Petzval József Miska Petzval, Hungarian engineer and mathematician
3717 Thorenia Victor Eugene Thoren (1935–1991), an historian of astronomy at Indiana University
3718 Dunbar R. Scott Dunbar, physicist and planetary scientist
3719 Karamzin Nikolay Karamzin, historian
3720 Hokkaido Hokkaidō, Japan
3721 Widorn Thomas Widorn, Austrian astronomer
3722 Urata Takeshi Urata, asteroid hunter
3723 Voznesenskij Andrey Voznesensky, poet
3724 Annenskij Innokenty Annensky, poet and writer
3725 Valsecchi Giovanni B. Valsecchi, astronomer at the National Institute for Astrophysics
3726 Johnadams John Adams, president
3727 Maxhell Maximilian Hell (Miksa Hell), S.J., astronomer
3728 IRAS The Infrared Astronomical Satellite
3729 Yangzhou Yangzhou, city in China
3730 Hurban Jozef Miloslav Hurban (1817–1888), Slovak poet, writer, journalist, editor, critic
3731 Hancock John Hancock, politician
3732 Vávra Anton Alfred Vávra, father of the discoverer
3733 Yoshitomo Minamoto no Yoshitomo, early samurai
3734 Waland Robert L. Waland, Scottish optician who developed new techniques for making the optics of Schmidt telescopes
3735 Třeboň Třeboň, Republic
3736 Rokoske Thomas Leo Rokoske, professor of physics and astronomy at the Appalachian State University in North Carolina
3737 Beckman Arnold O. Beckman (1900–2004), chemist and inventor of the pH meter
3738 Ots Georg Ots, Estonian opera singer
3739 Rem Rem Viktorovich Khokhlov (1926–1977), physicist and co-founder of nonlinear optics
3740 Menge Sergio Menge de Freitas, vice-director of the Valongo Observatory, Brazil
3741 Rogerburns Roger Burns (1937–1994), New Zealand mineralogist
3742 Sunshine Jessica M. Sunshine, visiting scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology¢MIT
3743 Pauljaniczek Paul Janiczek, astronomer
3744 Horn-d'Arturo Guido Horn d'Arturo, astronomer
3745 Petaev Michail Ivanovich Petaev, visiting planetary geologist at Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
3746 Heyuan Heyuan, city in China
3747 Belinskij Vissarion Belinsky, literary critic
3748 Tatum Jeremy B. Tatum, astronomer
3749 Balam David D. Balam, astronomer
3750 Ilizarov Gavriil Ilizarov, orthopedic surgeon
3751 Kiang Tao Kiang, astronomer at Dunsink Observatory, near Dublin
3752 Camillo Camillo, son of the early Roman King Turno
3753 Cruithne Cruithne, ancient tribe
3754 Kathleen Kathleen Willoughby Clifford, granddaughter of discoverer Clyde Tombaugh
3755 Lecointe Georges Lecointe, Belgian astronomer and explorer
3756 Ruscannon Russell David Cannon, astronomer
3757 Anagolay Anagolay is the goddess of lost things in ancient Philippine Tagalog mythology. Name suggested by the SGAC Name An Asteroid Campaign
3758 Karttunen Hannu Karttunen, Finnish astronomer
3759 Piironen Jukka Piironen, Finnish astronomer
3760 Poutanen Markku Poutanen, Finnish astronomer and geodesist
3761 Romanskaya Sofia Vasil’evna Romanskaya, astronomer
3762 Amaravella Amaravella group of painters, they represented cosmism style
3763 Qianxuesen Qian Xuesen
3764 Holmesacourt Robert Holmes a Court (1937–1990), an Australian lawyer, businessman and collector
3765 Texereau Jean Texereau, optical engineer in the optical laboratory at Paris Observatory and author of the classic How to Make a Telescope
3766 Junepatterson June C. Patterson (1923–1988) amateur astronomer of Sierra Vista, Arizona
3767 DiMaggio Joe DiMaggio, baseball player [MPC 34619]
3768 Monroe Marilyn Monroe, actress [MPC 34619]
3769 Arthurmiller Arthur Miller, playwright, essayist, and author
3770 Nizami Nizami Ganjavi, Azerbaijani poet
3771 Alexejtolstoj Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy, writer
3772 Piaf Édith Piaf, singer
3773 Smithsonian Smithsonian Institution, museum
3774 Megumi Wife of discover Takuo Kojima
3775 Ellenbeth Ellen Elizabeth Willoughby, granddaughter of the discoverer Clyde Tombaugh
3776 Vartiovuori Hill in Turku, Finland on which the first observatory was built by Argelander
3777 McCauley Francis McCauley, geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey
3778 Regge Tullio Regge (1931–2014), Italian theoretical physicist at Turin University
3779 Kieffer Hugh H. Kieffer and/or Susan Kieffer, planetary scientists
3780 Maury Alain J. Maury, astronomer
3781 Dufek Rear Admiral George J. Dufek, Antarctic explorer
3782 Celle town of Celle in Lower Saxony
3783 Morris Charles S. Morris, observer of comets, or Charles S. Morris Observatory
3784 Chopin Frédéric Chopin, composer
3785 Kitami Kitami, Japan
3786 Yamada Sakao Yamada, engineer
3787 Aivazovskij Ivan Aivazovsky, painter
3788 Steyaert Christian Steyaert (born 1955), Belgian amateur astronomer
3789 Zhongguo name for China
3790 Raywilson Raymond Wilson (1928–2018), astronomical optician and pioneer of active optics
3791 Marci Johannes Marcus Marci (Jan Marek Markù), physician, physicist, astronomer, and natural philosopher
3792 Preston Richard Preston, author of the astronomy book First Light
3793 Leonteus Leonteus, mythical person related to Trojan War
3794 Sthenelos Sthenelos, mythical person related to Trojan War
3795 Nigel Nigel Henbest, author, co-founder of Pioneer TV Productions
3796 Lene Lene Augustesen, daughter of astronomer Karl Augustesen, college of discoverer Poul Jensen at Brorfelde Observatory
3797 Ching-Sung Yu Ching-Sung Yu, astronomer
3798 de Jager Cornelis de Jager (Kees de Jager), astronomer
3799 Novgorod Novgorod, Russia
3800 Karayusuf Alford S. Karayusuf, supporter of near-Earth asteroid research projects at JPL
3801 Thrasymedes Thrasymedes, mythical person related to Trojan War
3802 Dornburg Dornburg, a town near the discovering Tautenburg Observatory
3803 Tuchkova Margarita Mikhailovna Tuchkova (1781–1852), founder of Spaso-Borodinsky monastery
3804 Drunina Yulia Drunina (1924–1991), poet
3805 Goldreich Peter Goldreich (born 1939), an astrophysicist
3806 Tremaine Scott D. Tremaine (born 1950), astrophysicist
3807 Pagels Heinz Pagels (1939–1988), an physicist
3808 Tempel Wilhelm Tempel (1821–1889), astronomer
3809 Amici Giovanni Battista Amici (1786–1863), astronomer
3810 Aoraki Aoraki / Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand
3811 Karma Karma, Hindu philosophy
3812 Lidaksum Li Dak-sum, (1920–) entrepreneur and philanthropist
3813 Fortov Vladimir Fortov (born 1946), a physicist and expert in thermal physics, shock waves, and plasma physics
3814 Hoshi-no-mura "Star village, "Job training school for disabled persons
3815 König Arthur König (1895–1969), astronomer and discoverer of this minor planet
3816 Chugainov Pavel Fedorovich Chugainov (1933–1992), long-time astronomer at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
3817 Lencarter Leonard J. Carter, of the Interplanetary Society
3818 Gorlitsa Mariya Avksent'evna Rudenko, a village schoolmistress in the Mohyliv-Podilskyi Raion of Ukraine
3819 Robinson Leif J. Robinson, editor of the monthly magazine Sky & Telescope
3820 Sauval Henri Sauval (1623–1676), historian
3821 Sonet Jean Sonet (1908–1987), a Belgian Jesuit
3822 Segovia Andrés Segovia (1893–1987), guitarist
3823 Yorii Yorii, a town in the Saitama Prefecture
3824 Brendalee Brenda Willoughby Anderson, granddaughter of the discoverer Clyde Tombaugh
3825 Nürnberg Nuremberg, a city in Germany
3826 Handel George Frideric Handel (1685–1759), baroque composer
3827 Zdeněkhorský Zdeněk Horský (1929–1988), historian-astronomer
3828 Hoshino Jiro Hoshino, amateur astronomer
3829 Gunma Gunma, a prefecture of Japan
3830 Trelleborg Trelleborg, Sweden
3831 Pettengill Gordon Pettengill (born 1926), an radio astronomer and planetary physicist at MIT
3832 Shapiro Irwin I. Shapiro (born 1926), an astrophysicist and professor at Harvard University
3833 Calingasta Calingasta, department in San Juan, Argentina, where the discovering Leoncito Astronomical Complex is located
3834 Zappafrank Frank Zappa (1940–1993), musician
3835 Korolenko Vladimir Korolenko (1853–1921), writer
3836 Lem Stanisław Lem (1921–2006), writer
3837 Carr Michael Harold Carr, planetary geologist with the USGS
3838 Epona Epona, Gallo-Roman goddess of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules
3839 Bogaevskij Konstantin Bogaevsky (1872–1943), painter
3840 Mimistrobell Mary E. Strobell, geologist with the USGS
3841 Dicicco Dennis DiCicco, editor of Sky & Telescope
3842 Harlansmith Harlan Smith (1924–1991), astronomer
3843 OISCA The Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA),
3844 Lujiaxi Lu Jiaxi (1915–2001), physical chemist
3845 Neyachenko Ilya Isaakovich Neyachenko, journalist and amateur astronomer
3846 Hazel Hazel Arthur Spellmann (1896–1968), mother of the discoverer Carolyn Shoemaker
3847 Šindel Jan Šindel (c. 1375– c. 1456), medieval astronomer, mathematician, physician, and professor
3848 Analucia Ana Lucia Martins, friend of Belgian discoverer Henri Debehogne
3849 Incidentia Roger W. Martin, graduate of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UC and expert in asteroid science
3850 Peltier Leslie Peltier (1900–1980), amateur astronomer
3851 Alhambra Alhambra palace in Spain
3852 Glennford Glenn Ford (1916–2006), a actor during Hollywood's Golden Age
3853 Haas Walter H. Haas (1917–2015), an amateur astronomer and founder of the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO)
3854 George George Estel Shoemaker (1904–1960), father of discoverer Carolyn Shoemaker
3855 Pasasymphonia The Pasadena Symphony and Pops, an orchestra based in Pasadena, California
3856 Lutskij Valery Konstantinovich Lutsky, astronomer and scientific commentator on astronomy
3857 Cellino Alberto Cellino, astronomer at the Observatory of Turin (Pino Torinese)
3858 Dorchester Dorchester, a county town of Dorset in South West England
3859 Börngen Freimut Börngen (born 1930), astronomer
3860 Plovdiv Plovdiv, Bulgaria
3861 Lorenz Konrad Lorenz (1903–1989), Austrian ethologist and 1973 Nobel Prize laureate
3862 Agekian Tateos Artemyevich Agekian, astrophysicist
3863 Gilyarovskij Vladimir Gilyarovsky (1853–1935), a writer and newspaper journalist
3864 Søren Soren Augustesen, son of discoverer Poul Jensen
3865 Lindbloom George G. Lindbloom (1934–1989), artist, designer, writer, cartoonist, teacher, photographer and humorist
3866 Langley Samuel Pierpont Langley (1834–1906), astronomer, physicist, inventor of the bolometer and pioneer of aviation
3867 Shiretoko Shiretoko Peninsula, Japan
3868 Mendoza Eugenio E. Mendoza V. (born 1928) astronomer and an expert on photometry and spectroscopy
3869 Norton Arthur Philip Norton (1876–1955), amateur astronomer (Norton's Star Atlas)
3870 Mayré Mayré Elst, daughter of Belgian discoverer Eric Walter Elst
3871 Reiz Anders Reiz (1915–2000), a astronomer
3872 Akirafujii Akira Fujii, astronomer
3873 Roddy David J. Roddy (1932–2002), astrogeologist, researcher of terrestrial impact craters
3874 Stuart Stuart E. Jones, astronomer and photographic specialist at the Lowell Observatory
3875 Staehle Robert L. Staehle, astronautical engineer at JPL
3876 Quaide William L. Quaide, expert in Solar System exploration at NASA
3877 Braes Lucien Lucas Eduard Braes (born 1936), Belgian astronomer at Leiden Observatory
3878 Jyoumon Jōmon period, prehistoric Japan
3879 Machar Josef Svatopluk Machar (1864–1942), writer and poet
3880 Kaiserman Michael Kaiserman, aeronautical engineer
3881 Doumergua Gaston Doumergue (1863–1937), thirteenth president of France during 1924–1931, and his wife
3882 Johncox John P. Cox (1926–1984), astronomer, researcher into variable stars
3883 Verbano Lake Maggiore or Lago Verbàno, located in Italy and Switzerland on the south side of the Alps
3884 Alferov Zhores Alferov (born 1930), physicist
3885 Bogorodskij Aleksandr Fyodorovich Bogorodskij (1907–1984), astrophysicist
3886 Shcherbakovia Sergej Vasil'evich Shcherbakov (1856–1931), founder of the Nizhegorodskij circle of amateur physicists and astronomers
3887 Gerstner František Josef Gerstner (1756–1832) and his son František Antonín Gerstner (1795–1840), physicist and railway engineers
3888 Hoyt William Graves Hoyt (1921–1985), journalist and historian
3889 Menshikov Alexander Danilovich Menshikov (1673–1729), statesman and military leader
3890 Bunin Ivan Bunin (1870–1953) first writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature
3891 Werner Robert A. Werner, aerospace engineer at the University of Texas at Austin
3892 Dezsö Lóránt Dezsõ, Hungarian astronomer
3893 DeLaeter John DeLaeter, retired professor at Curtin University, Western Australia
3894 Williamcooke William Ernest Cooke (1863–1947), an Australian astronomer
3895 Earhart Amelia Earhart (1897–1937; disappeared), an aviation pioneer
3896 Pordenone Il Pordenone, one of the Italian 16th century masters of painting
3897 Louhi Louhi, the wicked queen of the land known as Pohjola in Finnish
3898 Curlewis Harold Curlewis (1875–1968), Australian government astronomer and director of the Perth Observatory
3899 Wichterle Otto Wichterle (1913–1998), chemist and inventor of the contact lens
3900 Knežević Zoran Knežević (born 1949), an astronomer at the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade
3901 Nanjingdaxue Nanjing University, one of the oldest universities in China
3902 Yoritomo Minamoto no Yoritomo (1147–1199), founder of the Kamakura shogunate, Japan
3903 Kliment Ohridski Kliment Ohridski (840–916), one of the first Bulgarian philosophers
3904 Honda Minoru Honda (1913–1990), astronomer
3905 Doppler Christian Doppler (1803–1853), Austrian mathematician and physicist
3906 Chao Edward C. T. Chao, geologist
3907 Kilmartin Pamela M. Kilmartin, New Zealand astronomer
3908 Nyx Nyx, Greek goddess
3909 Gladys Gladys Marie Zeigler (1921–1988), mother of discoverer Kenneth W. Zeigler
3910 Liszt Franz Liszt (1811–1886), Hungarian pianist and composer
3911 Otomo Satoru Otomo, amateur astronomer and discoverer of minor planets
3912 Troja Troy, ancient legendary city
3913 Chemin Henriette and Robert Chemin, librarian and engineer at Paris Observatory, respectively.
3914 Kotogahama Kotogahama, beach in Geisei near Geisei Observatory, Japan
3915 Fukushima Hisao Fukushima (b.1911), amateur astronomer and professor at Hokkaido University, Japan
3916 Maeva Maeva d'Alloy d'Hocquincourt Vitry (1985–1982), niece of ESO astronomer Patrice Bouchet Vitry
3917 Franz Schubert Franz Schubert, composer
3918 Brel Jacques Brel, Belgian songwriter and performer
3919 Maryanning Mary Anning, fossil hunter
3920 Aubignan Aubignan, village in southeastern France
3921 Klement'ev Zahar Klementyev (1903–1994), mathematician
3922 Heather Heather Couper (born 1949), a astronomer
3923 Radzievskij Vladimir Radzievskii, astronomer
3924 Birch Peter V. Birch, astronomer at Perth Observatory
3925 Tret'yakov Pavel Tretyakov and his brother Sergei Mikhailovich Tretyakov (1834–1892), art collectors
3926 Ramirez Abel R. Ramirez, manager and host of the Athenaeum at Caltech
3927 Feliciaplatt Felicia Platt, mother of the discoverer
3928 Randa Randa small village near Zermatt in the Swiss Alps
3929 Carmelmaria Carmel Maria Borg, secretary at the Perth Observatory and administrative assistant
3930 Vasilev Konstantin Vasilyev, painter
3931 Batten Alan H. Batten, astronomer
3932 Edshay Edwin L. Shay, educator
3933 Portugal Portugal
3934 Tove Tove Augustesen, wife of discoverer Karl Augustesen
3935 Toatenmongakkai Japanese for Oriental Astronomical Association
3936 Elst Eric Walter Elst, Belgian astronomer and discoverer of minor planets
3937 Bretagnon Pierre Bretagnon, astronomer at the Bureau des Longitudes in France
3938 Chapront Jean Chapront and Michelle Chapront-Touzé, astronomers at the Bureau des Longitudes in France
3939 Huruhata Masaaki Huruhata (1912–1988), astronomer at Tokyo Astronomical Observatory, Japan
3940 Larion Larisa Golubkina, actress
3941 Haydn Joseph Haydn (1732–1809), Austrian composer
3942 Churivannia Ivan Ivanovich Churyumov (1907–1942) soldier, and Ivan Ivanovich Churyumov (1929–1988), philosopher and poet
3943 Silbermann Gottfried Silbermann (1683–1753), a builder of keyboard instruments
3944 Halliday Ian Halliday, astronomer
3945 Gerasimenko Svetlana Gerasimenko comets researcher
3946 Shor Viktor Abramovich Shor, minor planet researcher
3947 Swedenborg Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772), scientist, philosopher, poet and theologian
3948 Bohr Niels Henrik David Bohr (1885–1962), physicist
3949 Mach Ernst Mach, physicist and philosopher
3950 Yoshida Tougo Yoshida (1864–1918), toponymist
3951 Zichichi Antonino Zichichi (born 1929), Italian astrophysicist and protagonist of CERN
3952 Russellmark Russell Mark Group has assisted Minor Planet Center with editing asteroid citations
3953 Perth Perth Observatory in Australia
3954 Mendelssohn Felix Mendelssohn (1809–1847), composer
3955 Bruckner Anton Bruckner (1824–1896), Austrian composer
3956 Caspar Caspar Karstensen, grandson of the discoverer Poul Jensen
3957 Sugie Atsushi Sugie, astronomer
3958 Komendantov Nikolaj Vasil'evich Komendantov, astronomer
3959 Irwin John B. Irwin, professor of astronomy at Indiana University and protagonist of the Kitt Peak National Observatory site selection
3960 Chaliubieju Cha Liubieju, a friend of the discoverer
3961 Arthurcox Arthur N. Cox, early member of the Indiana Asteroid Program
3962 Valyaev Valerij Ivanovich Valyaev (born 1944), astronomer at the Institute for Theoretical Astronomy (ITA)
3963 Paradzhanov Sergei Paradzhanov (1924–1990), film producer
3964 Danilevskij Grigory Danilevsky (1829–1890), and Ukrainian writer
3965 Konopleva Valentina Petrovna Konopleva, astronomer at Main Ukrainian Astronomical Observatory (part of NAN Ukraine)
3966 Cherednichenko Vladimir Ivanovich Cherednichenko, cometary researcher at Kiev Polytechnic Institute
3967 Shekhtelia Fyodor Osipovich Shekhtel' (1859–1926), architect
3968 Koptelov Afanasij Lazarevich Koptelov, writer
3969 Rossi Karl Ivanovich Rossi (Carlo Rossi), architect
3970 Herran Jose Herran Villagomez (born 1925), technical advisor of the Museum Universum in Mexico City
3971 Voronikhin Andrej Nikiforovich Voronikhin (1759–1814), architect
3972 Richard Richard Arthur Spellmann, brother of discoverer Carolyn Shoemaker
3973 Ogilvie Robert E. Ogilvie, professor of metallurgy at MIT and a researcher at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts
3974 Verveer Arie Verveer, astronomer, Director of Perth Observatory in Western Australia
3975 Verdi Giuseppe Verdi, Italian composer
3976 Lise Lise Melinda Breakey Thomas, daughter-in-law of discoverer Norman G. Thomas
3977 Maxine Maxine Shoemaker Heath, entomologist
3978 Klepešta Josef Klepešta, astronomer
3979 Brorsen Theodor Brorsen, astronomer
3980 Hviezdoslav Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav, Slovak poet
3981 Stodola Aurel Stodola, Slovak engineer, physicist, and inventor
3982 Kastel' Galina Richardovna Kastel, comets and minor planets researcher
3983 Sakiko Sakiko Nakano, sister of astronomer Syuichi Nakano
3984 Chacos Albert Anthony Chacos, space engineer
3985 Raybatson Raymond M. Batson, planetary geologist
3986 Rozhkovskij Dmitry Aleksandrovich Rozhkovsky, astronomer
3987 Wujek Joseph H. Wujek, scientist
3988 Huma The Huma bird in Iranian mythology and Sufi poetry is a bird of fortune since its touch, or even sight of its shadow, is said to be auspicious.
3989 Odin Odin, Norse god
3990 Heimdal Heimdall, Norse god
3991 Basilevsky Aleksandr T. Basilevskii, planetary geologist
3992 Wagner Richard Wagner (1813–1883), composer
3993 Šorm František Šorm, scientist
3994 Ayashi Ayashi, a district of the city of Sendai, Japan
3995 Sakaino Teruo Sakaino (born 1917), a glass and ceramics chemist
3996 Fugaku One of ancient names for Mount Fuji in Japan
3997 Taga Taga, Shiga, Japan
3998 Tezuka Osamu Tezuka (1928–1989), manga artist
3999 Aristarchus Aristarchus of Samos, Ancient Greek astronomer and mathematician
4000 Hipparchus Hipparchus, Ancient Greek scientist

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