1019 Strackea

Gustav Stracke (1887 - 1943) was a German astronomer and orbit computer. For several decades, he was in charge of the minor planet department at the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut in Berlin-Dahlem. He once said to Karl Reinmuth, an observational astronomer and minor planet discoverer for whom he calculated many asteroid orbits, that he did not wish for a minor planet to be named after him. Perhaps no one in history has had their wishes so comprehensively ignored by one person.

In addition to naming this minor planet after him, Reinmuth also named the minor planet 1201 Strenua in honor of him, and the carefulness and diligence which he exercised. Apparently not satisfied, Reinmuth went on to name a series of eight consecutive minor planets whose initials spell out "G STRACKE":

Also, the minor planet 2038 Bistro is partially named after him, due to a pun. Point is, the man is definitely well-commemorated here.

The symbol of this minor planet, in the pattern of symbols for astronomers, is a monogram of the letters "GS" above a tiny star-in-circle.

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