10551 Goteburg

This minor planet is named after the city of Gothenburg (or Göteborg), Sweden. It is known as a multicultural city with a history of trade and industry.

The symbol for this asteroid is derived from its coat of arms: it is Leo, representing a lion, with an upright sword tangent to the left side. It is the only coat of arms of a city that I can think of that has a lion wielding a sword, which is pretty sick iconography.

Interesting fact: in 2009, the city of Göteborg resolved to begin writing the name of the city as "Go:teborg" in some places, in an effort to make the city seem more international (as many non-Swedish keyboards lack the capacity for umlauts, I presume.) I was tempted to make this "o:" combination a part of this symbol, but the minor planet was discovered in 1992, and I feel like that would be some kind of temporal violation of my rule to stick to the real-world symbolic landscape as much as possible.


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