1154 Astronomia

This minor planet is named after the branch of science called astronomy, which concerns the observation and study of celestial objects and phenomena. Those who practice this science are called astronomers, and many asteroids are named after them.

This… is a hilariously blunt and to-the-point name. If an asteroid is going to be named anything, why not name it after astronomy, the thing that allows for their discovery in the first place? Why not name every asteroid Astronomia. This seems like too important or elemental a name to go to some carbonaceous rock about 60 km across, spinning out between Mars and Jupiter. With a name this fundamental, it seems like we should have named a planet Astronomia or something. To my thinking, we might as well name this minor planet 1154 Asteroid. When the other minor planet observers heard Karl Reinmuth nabbed this name, they probably threw their hats on the ground.

Anyway, the symbol for this minor planet is Telescopium, representing the core observation-based nature of the field, with a star above it, representing the knowledge gleaned from the heavens above.

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