1282 Utopia

This minor planet is named after a concept of an imaginary society that is "perfect," in that meets all of the needs of all of its citizens. Someone's own concept of utopia is usually pretty reflective of their own beliefs, biases, and predispositions. It is a common idea considered and deconstructed in speculative or science fiction.

It is a concept that was first described by Sir Thomas More in his 1516 book Utopia. It has a bit of a muddled etymology; it originally comes from the Greek οὐ τόπος, meaning "no-place," but was later considered to refer to εὖ τόπος, meaning "good place." The fictional society in his book is something of a satire of the idea that it introduces. Just a reminder that there is nothing new under the sun - if you're deconstructing this trope, you're about 500 years late to the party.

The symbol of this asteroid is the letter U or V from the Utopian alphabet invented by More. It looks like an upright rectangle, with a horizontal line bisecting the left half of it.

Unfortunately, there is not yet a minor planet named Dystopia. But maybe that's for the best; it sounds like it would be a bitter place to visit.

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