14 Irene

This minor planet is named after Eirene, one of the Greek Horae and a personification of peace. Her Roman equivalent is Pax. John Russell Hind, the namer of this asteroid, says he was inspired by the Great Industrial Exhibition of 1851.

Hind describes the symbol for this minor planet as it appears here: "A dove carrying an olive-branch, with a star on its head." I must note that the olive branch is a traditional Greek symbol for peace, but the dove is more of a Christian symbol. This symbol has a funny history, as unlike all of the other classical symbols, it was never officially drawn in any capacity. This is probably because it is a very busy symbol; a dove is already complex to represent, and all of the other elements don't help; even Moskowitz's simplification [1] is busy. This symbol is one of the strongest contributing factors to astronomers getting peeved about astronomical symbols in the first place.

I propose a design for this symbol that is both simple and consistent with the language of symbols that makes up this symbology. It consists of the left-facing dove head silhouette of the constellation Columba, with a three-leafed laurel in its mouth (since who could distinguish a laurel from an olive branch in icon form) an a star above its head.

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[1] "Asteroid Symbols," Dennis Moskowitz, November 25, 2006, retrieved July 17, 2018 [https://www.suberic.net/~dmm/graphics/astro/asteroids.html]


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