164585 Oenomaus

This minor planet is named after a king of Pisa from Greek myth. He is the son of Ares, and either the Pleiade Sterope is either his mother or his consort. He once received a prophecy that he would be killed by his son-in-law, so any time a suitor came around to ask for the hand of his daughter Hippodamia, he would challenge them to a chariot race and kill them.

This worked perfectly well eighteen consecutive times, until Pelops, son of King Tantalus came around. He called up his old booty call Poseidon for a sweet chariot, and conspired with Hippodamia to sabotage Oenomaus' chariot. During the race, the king's chariot lost its wheels, and he was trampled to death by his own horses. It is said that the Olympic games were started after that race, either to commemorate Oenomaus' death or celebrate Pelops' victory.

The symbol of this trojan asteroid is a chariot, as in the constellation Auriga, vertically bisected.

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