1810 Epimetheus

Not to be confused with Saturn XI Epimetheus; same referent.

This minor planet is named after a Titan from Greek myth, brother of Prometheus, son of Iapetus. His name means "after-thought," as in "hindsight," in contrast to his fore-thinking brother. Accordingly, Epimetheus is seen as the foolish brother of the clever Prometheus.

In one of his main myths, Epimetheus and Prometheus were tasked with giving individual traits to all of the animal species in the world. He gave everything out before he got to the humans, so Prometheus had to steal fire (and symbolically the capacity for civilization, said to be the arts of Hephaistos and Athena) and give it to them. Epimetheus is also considered to be the one who received and married Pandora, and together they had a daughter named Pyrrha.

The symbol for this asteroid is… I'm not sure yet! I want it to resemble the symbol for Prometheus, but I don't know how to simultaneously represent "giver of traits to the animals" and "husband of Pandora," or even how to include "foolish and bad at planning." Stay tuned on this one.

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