19521 Chaos

This minor planet is named after the ultimate primordial entity in Greek mythology. This goddess is the personification of the wide chasm between heaven and earth at the start of creation, the vast airless void, the primal mists and waters of jumbled shapes, the formless gap that existed in the very beginning of the universe. In some accounts, this goddess gave birth to Erebus and Nyx, and in others, to Gaia, Tartarus, and Eros.

The symbol for this minor planet is simple: it is a large starburst, a star made of eight equally-spaced radial lines. From the symbol for 3 Juno, this is a symbol of motherhood, divinity, and power, and those connotations are not inappropriate here. But in this case, the starburst is lines pointing out in all directions, representing unknown form, unpredictable movement, and expansiveness - in other words, primal chaos.

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