2062 Aten

This minor planet is named after the Ancient Egyptian god Aten, who was in most cases a pretty minor deity. He was the god of the solar disk and associated with the more commonly worshipped deity Ra (not unlike the relationship between the gods Helios and Apollo in Greek myth.)

However, during the reign of Amenhotep IV, later and better known as Akhenaten, the god Aten was elevated to a position of supreme celestial importance. While Ancient Egyptian beliefs were usually polytheistic or henotheistic, with individual pharaohs sometimes emphasizing particular deities, Akhenaten shifted the state religion to Atenism, a nearly monotheistic (or monolatrous?) belief system that venerated Aten as god of all creation.

The symbol of this asteroid is a stylized form of most depictions of the deity in Ancient Egyptian art: a solar disk, as the symbol for the Sun, with three arrows coming down — one vertical, two at 45-degree angles — all terminating at the same horizontal line.

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