2135 Aristaeus

This minor planet is named after the winged minor Greek god Aristaeus, son of Apollo and Cyrene, who was known in myth for having studied under a number of Greek gods, including Artemis, Dionysus, and Demeter. In turn, he took the skills he learned and taught them to humans, such as agriculture, herbology, beekeeping, dairy farming, hunting, husbandry, and brewing alcohol.

An aside: one of the rituals he was associated with, perhaps as a teacher, was bugonia, a process by which a cow's corpse can be turned into bees. This seems like a pretty unusual myth to be passed down, because it almost certainly never worked. To me, this is a reminder that the people whose writings about everyday life are saved and passed down for millennia can sometimes be nerds, with no concept of what everyday life is actually like. Only one ancient apiarist needed to look at this ritual to say it was horseradish, and yet it pops up in all sorts of sources. A Byzantine meme, in two senses.

The symbol of this minor planet is a reference to both this ritual, and his role as a patron of both beekeeping and husbandry: a simple bee glyph, with Taurus horns on it.

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