223 Rosa

The referent of the name of this minor planet is unknown. It was given the name Rosa, a common female name, especially common in Portuguese, Italian and Spanish languages. It was discovered and presumably named by Johann Palisa. The reason or referent for this name is unknown, but given that most of the asteroids that Palisa discovered were named after people, it is likely that this is the case here too. With this ambiguity, it can therefore be said to be named after all Rosa's, and all Rosa's are ultimately named after the Latin word for rose, the flowering plant with many species across the world.

The symbol for this minor planet is a rose, of course. Oh, but how to represent it! The rose is already such an elemental symbol in and of itself, which makes it difficult to render it symbolically. Ultimately, after sketching around for a few minutes, I came up with a design that I think is simple, yet still signified a rose more than any other flower. It consists of a circle with three curves inside it, showing a rose's flower from a front-top perspective.

Coming up with this design ex nihilo makes me a little uncomfortable. I'm going to look around at some common symbolic renderings of roses around the world and through history later, and either change this design or back it up.

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