268 Adorea

This minor planet is named after the adorea, a type of flat cake made of flour and salt, which the Romans in their rituals as a sacrifice to the gods.

Somebody at the Astronomischer Kalender was apparently pretty pissed off about this naming choice at the time. Translated loosely from German:

"The asteroid has now been given the name Adorea, which the Romans called the light flat cake of flour and salt which they sacrificed to the gods. So besides a book title, a novel hero and the gods' diet, we have also immortalized a sacrificial offering through the asteroids in the sky: indeed the best imaginable satire on the principles that have become relevant in recent years in naming these celestial bodies."

Oh, poor writer for the Astronomischer Kalender. You have no idea how bad things are going to get. If this guy ever learned about the minor planets named for a guy's cat, or a cartoon rabbit, or a dumb math joke, or a type of soup, or Seth MacFarlane, his monocle would probably pop out faster than a gunshot.

The symbol for this minor planet is a large Cerean sickle head, representing wheat, enclosing a small horizontally-bisected circle, the alchemical symbol for salt.

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