3212 Agricola

This minor planet is named after Georgius Agricola (1494 – 1555), born Georg Pawer, a German scientist. He studied in fields including medicine, physics, chemistry, philology, theology, mathematics, and physical geology, but is best known as the father of mineralogy, and writer of De re metallica libri xii, which would become the definitive text for identifying, extracting, and refining metallic ores for the next several hundred years.

The man was certainly a genius, bringing together knowledge from ancient texts with the scientific method to completely change the fields of mineralogy, metallurgy, and chemistry. However, he also believed that fossils were the result of heat-congealed fatty matter in the dirt spontaneously taking on organic shapes, so pobody's nerfect.

The symbol for this minor planet is a pickax, representing the work he did making the science of mining widely accessible, composed with a caduceus pair of snakes, as appears on the first edition of De re metallica.

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