3468 Urgenta

This minor planet is named after the popular Urgenta variety of potato, Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Urgenta. The European Cultivated Potato Database [1] describes this variety as having a red tuber skin color, a "uniform to very uniform" tuber shape, and a "Moderate to good" taste. Perhaps this minor planet was so named because most asteroids resemble kilometer-wide potatoes.

According to the Minor Planet Catalogue, "the name also indicates that the time is near when the discoverer might lose the privilege of naming the object." Hence, urgency as in "demanding immediate action." This English word is derived from Latin urgēre, meaning "to press."

The symbol for this minor planet is a small version of the symbol for 88705 Potato, an apple glyph with a terrestrial cross inside, over a down-arrow, which here represents both physical pressing, and "now-ness" or immediacy.

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[1] "Urgenta," The European Cultivated Potato Database, retrieved 12 Oct 2018, https://www.europotato.org/varieties/view/Urgenta-E


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