350969 Boiohaemum

This minor planet is named after the land occupied by the Boii, an ancient Gaulish tribe that was contemporaneous with the Roman Empire. There is no extant written record from that culture, so most of what we have to go on are the attestations of various ancient historians: Strabo, Tacitus, Polybius, Plautus, Livy.

Boiohaemum as it was referred to a region in central Europe, which was the namesake for and is associated with the modern region of Bohemia. Polybius gives a bare-bones anthropological report of their culture and lifestyle, noting that that were concerned with agriculture and battle to the exclusion of art or science, and their possessions mainly consisted of gold and cattle.

The symbol of this minor planet is a composition of Taurus, representing cattle, with Sun, representing gold, with a spear below pointing to the right. This arrow represents both their supposedly war-shaped culture and history, and also their crossing of the Alps which began their existence in the eyes of the Roman historical record.

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