3569 Kumon

This minor planet is named after Toru Kumon (公文 公) (1914 – 1995), a Japanese mathematics teacher. He created the Kumon method of teaching math and language, which emphasized memorization and effective recall, and focuses on training based on individual skill levels. His method led to the creation of an international franchise of education centers that continues tutoring children today. Although some are skeptical of the efficacy of the Kumon method, as it seems to train rote memorization moreso than deep comprehension, Toru Kumon's influence on children's education especially in Japan is undeniable.

The symbol of this minor planet is based on the logo of Kumon Educational Japan Co. Ltd. It is a large circle with a short horizontal mouth and a pair of eyes, the left noticeably higher than the right, in an expression that looks to me like one of curiosity at best or confusion at worst. This is how their website describes it:

The face inside is the “Thinking Face.”
It represents the faces of children who learn, think and grow within Kumon study centres.
It also represents the faces of Kumon Instructors and staff who are thinking about the welfare of children and developing themselves.

I am not totally comfortable with vmaking a corporate symbol into an astronomical one, although I suppose that's what I did for the Dutch East India Company. At least this one has some philosophy behind it.

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