361267 `I`iwi

This minor planet is named after a species of bird (Drepanis coccinea) native to Hawai'i. It is sometimes called the scarlet honeycreeper, and fills a similar niche as the North American hummingbirds, in that they are small, nectar-eating, and have the ability to hover. In pre-colonial Hawai'i, the birds were prized for their bright red plumage, which was used in the cloaks worn by nobility.

The symbol for this minor planet references the two genii that this species has historically belonged to: Vestiaria, referring to the clothing that the birds' feathers were used for, and Drepanis, referring to the sickle shape of the beak. The symbol is a feathered cloak, as in the symbol for Freia, with a Cerean sickle on the top representing the beak, facing left like most birds do in the Symbology.

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