3688 Navajo

This minor planet is named after the Navajo people (in Navajo: Diné or Naabeehó), a federally-recognized Native American tribe. The largest population of Navajo people live in the Navajo Nation, a territory in Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.

The modern Navajo Nation territory is displaced from their ancestral homeland, sometimes called Dinétah, a region bounded by four mountains: Blanca Peak (Sis Naajinį́), to the east, Mount Taylor (Tsoodzil), to the south, the San Francisco Peaks (Dook'o'ooshį́į́), to the west, and Hesperus Peak, (Dibé Nitsaa), to the north. In their creation myth, this region is the Fourth World that the first humans lived in.

The symbol of this minor planet is a grouping of four mountains, represented by the upper lines of an isosceles triangle, such that the legs of the upper mountain connect to the midpoints of the legs of two other mountains, and the bottom mountain connects to the middle two in the same way. This symbol is inspired both by the mountains of Dinétah,and by the flag of the Navajo Nation.


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