4179 Toutatis

This minor planet is named after a Celtic god, which was widely worshiped in Roman Britain and Gaul. Not much information of this god or his worship survives, but he is said to have been a protector of tribes, and Latin scholars variously associated him with the gods Mercury, [Mars, and Jupiter. The only artifacts of worship that remain of this god are a number of silver finger rings with the letters "TOT" inscribed on them, which have been found all over Britain.

This asteroid was approached by the Chinese lunar probe Chang'e 2 in 2012, so quite a bit is known about its composition and dynamics. For example, it possesses a chaotic tumbling motion that is the result of a superposition of rotation and axial precession, a motion which may have been caused by the YORP effect.

The symbol of this minor planet is a condensed form of the letters "TOT." A pair of large letter T's are merged to resemble a capital Greek letter Pi, with a small circle in the space between them.

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