420356 Praamzius

This minor planet is named after a deity from Baltic myth… and that's about all anyone can tell you. Specifically, it is the name of an epithet ("The Eternal One") of the god Dievas, which is supposed to be the primary god of the Lithuanian belief system. But there are virtually no sources — primary or referential, scholarly or amateur — that discuss this deity or even Pre-Christian Lithuanian beliefs or myths in any detail.

The etymological connection to the proto-Indo-European root is clear. This is the same lineage of words that yielded the names of the Greek Zeus, Latin Jupiter, Norse Odin, Vedic Dyaus, Hindu Devas, and even the English word deity. Beyond that is unclear. All we really know is that he was definitely worshipped, and often took the shape of an old man, and possibly a tree. Some say he created humans by washing his face or that he created the land by digging it up from the ground, but I haven't seen any solid sources saying those were actual stories or beliefs.

Obviously this is not a lot to go on for a symbol. I'll think on it some more.

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