4325 Guest

This minor planet is named after the volcanologist and planetary scientist John Edward Guest (1938-2012) [1]. He is known for his work studying Mt. Etna, and analyzing lunar craters.

There is a story about how he liked to prank his students accompanying him on trips to lava flows in Hawaii by telling them to keep a constant lookout for snakes, despite there not being any poisonous snakes in Hawaii. I think it's important that the knowledge of a person's favorite jokes persist beyond their death, at least as important as the persistence of their work.

The symbol of this asteroid is a composition of the symbols for Guest's two fields, a telescope (as Telescopium) atop a volcano.

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[1] https://www.geolsoc.org.uk/About/History/Obituaries-2001-onwards/Obituaries-2012/John-Edward-Guest


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