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This minor planet is named after Charles Parker Jr. (1920 – 1955), sometimes called "Yardbird" or more commonly "Bird," an American jazz musician. He was a saxophone player and composer, and his innovations resulted in the development of bebop, a fast complex style of jazz that was in some ways a response to appropriation of the swing genre by mainstream white musicians.

Parker's influence on jazz cannot be understated. His experimental compositions and new style of solos are still a huge part of modern jazz. Miles Davis once quipped, "You can tell the history of jazz in four words: Louis Armstrong. Charlie Parker."

The symbol of this minor planet is a left-facing saxophone, rendered as an S-curve with a straight mouthpiece and a wide upturned bell, with up-facing bird wings on the head. The symbol is inspired by the artwork of the 1952 album Bird & Diz, a collaboration with Dizzy Gillespie.


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