4512 Sinuhe

This minor planet is named after the protagonist and narrator of Mika Waltari's historical fiction novel "The Egyptian," or "Sinuhe the Egyptian," first published in 1945. It is one of the most celebrated Finnish novels ever, and is remarkably well-informed by Ancient Egyptian history and culture.

The novel is a life story, told by the old and bitter Sinuhe as he recounts his career as a doctor, his travels, the path that weaves him through fame and love and tragedy, and his service to the historical pharaoh Akhenaten. Sinuhe joins his court and is swayed by his ideals of peace and unity under his single god Aten, but when civil war breaks out due to his radical reforms and Sinuhe's family dies in the chaos, he mixes a poison drink for the pharoah.

I am still brainstorming on a symbol for this minor planet, but I think it will be a composition of the symbol for 326290 Akhenaten, and the physician snake symbol.

Note that this story is not to be confused with "The Story of Sinuhe," an ambiguously-historical work of ancient Egyptian literature that partially informs this work, but is set in a different dynasty.

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