471143 Dziewanna

This minor planet (which may be a dwarf planet) is named after Devana or Dziewanna, the Slavic goddess of nature, forests, and the hunt. It is possible that this name was chosen in part because the discovery was made as a part of Polish OGLE project. 15th century Polish historian Jan Długosz in Annales seu cronici incliti regni Poloniae correlates her with the Roman goddess Diana, whose name shares a proto-Indo-European root. However, there is no clear picture of her outside of this text, so some wonder how true this account it, and whether this was a goddess who was ever worshipped.

In the modern Pagan religion of the Slavic Native Faith, or Rodnovery, she takes on connotations of motherhood and fertility. But perhaps it is incorrect to consider this religion when thinking about the symbol of this minor planet — as it is a reconstructionist belief system, it constructs a Devana that might have never existed.

The symbol for this minor planet is a shallow reference to Diana, as is the goddess itself. The symbol is a capital letter D, with an Artemesian arrow going to the right.

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