474 Prudentia

This minor planet was named after the female personification of the virtue of prudence, from Roman myth. Sometimes she hangs out with Justitia, talking about whatever it is that psuedo-religious philosophical personifications talk about I presume.

The symbol of this minor planet is derived from the two implements that she holds in most artistic depictions of her: a mirror, here represented by a small circle, and a snake, here a curved head on the top right of the circle and a downward Mercurian half-arc on the other side. I don't really know why these two objects are so ubiquitously associated with her, but I can speculate as to their meaning. The mirror probably represents reflection, of course; specifically the self-reflection associated with caution and prudence. The snake may represent wisdom, or maybe her grip on it represents a dominance over instinct and impulsive action.

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