60 Echo

This minor planet is named after Echo, an oread or nymph from Greek myth. Her myth is an explanatory story for the phenomenon of an echo. She was known for her loquaciousness, but she once used it to distract Hera from catching Zeus on one of his many zany sexual escapades. Hera punished the nymph by making her repeat only the last things she hears another person say.

Eventually, she falls in love with Narcissus, and her condition prevents her from confessing her feelings. She watches as he is cursed by Nemesis to fall in love with himself, and waste away at the edge of a pond. Eventually, she too withers away, until nothing is left but her voice, hiding in the dark and hollow places.

This is a sad story! Sometimes you try to live a life as best and as fairly as you can, and as your reward, everything goes wrong forever. If it's any consolation, the adjectival form of this minor planet is Echonian. I know that fact consoled me.

The symbol of this minor planet is a small circle, with two pairs of arcing lines emanating from either side. This symbol is intended to represent an echo itself, as sound coming back from some object or possibly the mouth of a cave.

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