61 Danaë

This minor planet is named after a woman from Greek myth, daughter of King Acrisius, and mother of Perseus by Zeus. Acrisius got a prophecy that his daughter's son would kill him, and in classic prophecy-avoiding tradition, he locked Danaë in a remote room in his palace forever. Zeus impregnated her in the form of a "golden shower," one thing led to another, and eventually Perseus accidentally killed Acrisius.

Of course, Danaë did things besides just being related to men. She was said to have founded the ancient city of Ardea, for example. But then you go and experiment with golden showers one time, and sometimes that's just how history remembers you.

The symbol for this minor planet is that of Zeus, a simple Jovian shape, with three lines coming down and left and a solar dot above, representing, I repeat for emphasis, a golden shower.

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