6229 Tursachan

This minor planet is named after the ceremonial circular stone structures that can be found in Europe, which usually consist of some combination of standing or laying stones, trenches, and mounds. I will quote directly the MPC citation:

"The name is "Standing Stones" in Gaelic, a term used to refer to the stones placed during neolithic times into groups — often circles — throughout the British Isles. Many of these arrangements exhibit astronomical alignments and may have been used to track the progression of seasons and mark the occurrence of other significant astronomical events. The name was suggested by Alice Cathryne Dennis, a seventh-grade student at The Mountain School in Flagstaff, Arizona, as winner of a contest to name this minor planet in conjunction with the 1997 Flagstaff Festival of Science. Citation prepared by C. B. Luginbuhl."

There are over 1300 of these structures, the most famous of which is Stonehenge.

The symbol of this minor planet is a large Heran circle-starburst, representing a circle composed of standing stones.

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