69 Hesperia

This minor planet is named indirectly after the country of Italy. This poetic name is derived from the Greek god Hesperus, son of Eos, who represented the western evening star, which we know today to be the planet Venus. Because Italy is to the west of Greece [1], it could be considered the land of Hesperus, where the Hesperides lived.

Because of the existence of the minor planet 477 Italia, I do not feel boxed into developing the symbol of this minor planet as referring directly to the modern country of Italy. Instead, I take this minor planet name at mythic face-value, as referring to the garden of the Hesperides. Thus, the symbol for this minor planet is an apple with a solar dot, representing the golden apples of immortality that grew there, with a horizon line crossing halfway down the bottom half, representing sunset.

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[1] Citation needed.


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