70 Panopaea

This minor planet is named after the nymph Panopaea or Panopea or Panope. She was a nereid, daughter of Nereus. I am having some trouble tracking down the etymology of her name. The Greek root "pan," of course, means "all," but I'm not sure about the second half. Could it be etymologically linked to "Ώπα!", the Greek interjection of revelry and celebration? Then, this nereid could be "one who is everywhere celebrated."

Or, it could be that this nymph's name shares the same mysterious etymology as the Greek paean. this is a word with two meanings: one is a name, usually ascribed to mythical healers such as Asclepius, Apollo, Dionysus, Helios, or perhaps an independent god or figure. The other is a song or lyric poem that usually calls for gratitude or triumph or protection from the gods in some way. Over time, the former meaning gave way to the latter, which is still used today, but their connection is interesting. Perhaps it is connected to the way that shamans and spiritualists used songs and chants to heal. With this etymology, Panopaea could be "she who sings all praises," or "she who is praised by all."

In either line of thinking, the symbol I have developed for this minor planet is a wave crossing the bottom of what I envision to be the visual representation of a divine interjection: a circle with a starburst pattern, not unlike the head of 103 Hera.

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