757 Portlandia

This minor planet is named after the city of Portland, Maine. This city is named after the Isle of Portland in England, and is itself the namesake of Portland, Oregon on the opposite coast. There's plenty of history in this city, stretching back at least to European settlement of the region in the mid 17th century. Focusing in on the ups and downs of economics, culture, and history of this city, you could probably find it to be a microcosm of America, metaphorically resonant of some larger picture. The name was chosen for a simple reaosn, however: the discoverer of this minor planet was a minister of a church in Portland at the time of his death.

The symbol of this minor planet is derived from its coat of arms. It is an anchor, with the upper circle and horizontal line replaced by a small Phoenix symbol. The phoenix on the coat of arms represents the four major fires that nearly destroyed Portland, and how the city has rebuilt each time.

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