85 Io

Not to be confused with Jupiter I Io.

This minor planet is named after a woman from Greek myth, daughter of Inachus. She was desired by Zeus, and so she got turned into a white heifer — either by Zeus, to hide her from Hera, or by Hera, as a form of punishment.

One way or another, she was eventually cursed to be followed by a gadly forever, and wandered the world. She eventually bumped into Prometheus, while he was busy with his whole eternal torture thing, and he tried to console her by telling her she would be an ancestor to some of the greatest heroes and kings to ever live, including Perseus, Cadmus, Heracles, and Minos. Big consolation!

The symbol for this minor planet is a Greek capital letter Iota, with a crescent replacing the top bar, representing both cow-like horns, and her lunar connection. It is somewhat similar to the symbol for 112 Iphigeneia.

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