85030 Admetos

This minor planet is named after a king of Pherae from Greek myth, known for his great hospitality. When Apollo was turned mortal as punishment for some misdeed, he went to work as a shepherd for Admetos. In Gratitude for the king's hospitality, he helped him out with a lot of things, including making his cattle more fertile, and helping him woo his wife Alcestis.

The biggest thing that Apollo did for Admetos was when he got the Moirai drunk and convinced them to allow someone else to take the king's place on the day of his death, an opportunity for the king to become immortal or at least extend his lifespan. Admetos had hoped one of his parents would sacrifice themselves, but to his great sadness, only his wife volunteered. But she was later saved by Heracles when he passed through town, so it all worked out fine.

The symbol for this minor planet is a composition of the drawn Apollonian bow with solar dot, and the symbol for Klotho, the Fate who governs the ending of lives.

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