86 Semele

This minor planet is named after the mother of Dionysus from Greek myth. Her Roman counterpart, with little difference, was Stimula. Myths about her and her role in Dionysus' origin vary, but the common one is that he was fathered by Zeus, but when she gave birth to him, Hera appeared to her in disguise and caused her to doubt the true identity of her son's father.

So she demanded that Zeus appear before her in his full splendor; he obeyed, reluctantly, and the full magnificence of a god is too much for a mortal to witness, so she died, and the newborn Dionysus nearly did as well, until Zeus helpfully ate him or sowed him into his thigh, such that he could give birth to him again later. As you do.

The symbol of this minor planet is a bunch of grapes, as a recurring symbol of the god of wine Dionysus/Bacchus, over a female cross.

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