899 Jokaste

Not to be confused with Jupiter XXIV Iocaste.

This minor planet is named after Jocasta, a mortal woman from Greek myth, mother and wife of Oedipus, and former wife of Laius. She was the Queen of Thebes, when the oracle at Delphi told her and Laius that her son was destined to grow up to kill him and marry her. Of course, they tried to avert it, yet it all happened anyway. In most tellings, when she discovered the truth, she hanged herself.

The symbol for this minor planet is derived from 3 Juno, but with the starburst half-removed and bisected by arrow going down and to the right. This is meant to represent motherhood, but corrupted and damaged. It is also visually similar to the proposed symbol for Oedipus.

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