962 Aslog

This minor planet is named after Aslaug, a woman from Norse myth. In her myth, she comes from a noble background, and for her protection, as a baby she was transported inside of a harp. Through shenanigans, some peasants stole the harp and raised the little girl inside as their daughter, by the name of Kraka.

It came to pass that the legendary king Ragnar Lothbrok fell in love with her while she was bathing, and offered marriage to her if she presented herself to him while embodying a set of contradictions: usually something like neither dressed nor undressed, neither fasting nor eating, and neither alone nor with company. In classic clever peasant girl fashion, she satisfies all of those requirements — for example, by wearing a fishing net to be neither dressed nor undressed — and marries him.

The symbol for this minor planet is a glyph of a veil or cloak with a simple checkered pattern, representing the fishing net she wore.

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