Sun and Planets

The astrological symbols of the eight planets are well-known in the public consciousness. Two of them pull double-duty as traditional male and female symbols, and the others are neat too.

In fact, these symbols have a long history, rooted in Western astrology, and tracing back through the Middle Ages back to the Greeks. For an interesting analysis of how these symbols have changed over time, see Maunder's paper "The origin of the symbols of the planets."

Below are listed the individual pages for the Sun and planets. Also on each of these pages are prospective symbols for the named natural satellites of each body.

In addition to these planets, there are currently five identified dwarf planets: Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris.

I am deaf to any and all complaints about the planet status of Pluto vis-à-vis the 2006 IAU redefinition.

For more stars and planets that you may find less familiar, see the Exoplanets page.

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