abundance acronym actor aesthetics africa agriculture aircraft alaska alchemical-earth alchemical-fire america anchor ancient-egypt angular ankh antlers apollo-class apollonian apple aquila architect aries arrow artemesian arthurian-myth asteroidal asteroidal-star astrolabe astronaut astronomer astronomer-relative astronomy aulos austria award-winner axe aztecmyth balticmyth band baseball bear bee belgium biblical bird boar boat book bow britain buddism bull butterfly caduceus california candle canis caribou castle catholicism celticmyth centaur centaur-class cerean cetus chaos character chemist childbirth chinesemyth christianity city classical cloth coin college coma-berenices comet company computer-science concept conductor corn cow cross crown crucifix cultural-symbol cup cupbearer cygnus czech dagger danaiad dcysc deity diadem distaff dna dog dolphin dove dwarf-planet echonian ecuador education egg egyptianmyth england etna explorer eye face fairy fasces father feather female fictional finland fire fish flagstaff-contest fleurdelis flower flute food fortune france fruit gemini georgia geoscience germany giant globe goat gold gorgon grace grapes greece greekmyth group grus halfcircle hammer hand hat hawaii health heart hearth heraldry heran hero hinduism historian horae horns horse hungary hunter hydra iliad indus instrument intel inuitmyth iota ireland irishmyth italy jainism japan javelin jotunn jovian judaism jug junonian jupiter-trojan jupiter-trojans justice kayak key king knight lamp language laurel leo lepus letter-a letter-alpha letter-b letter-be letter-c letter-d letter-delta letter-e letter-epsilon letter-f letter-g letter-gamma letter-h letter-i letter-iota letter-j letter-k letter-kappa letter-l letter-lambda letter-m letter-mu letter-n letter-nu letter-o letter-p letter-phi letter-pi letter-psi letter-q letter-r letter-s letter-sigma letter-tau letter-theta letter-tse letter-v letter-x letter-xi letter-y letter-zeta lgbt lighthouse lightning literature location love lunar lyre magic male martian mask mathematics maya measuring-stick medicine mercurial mercurian messenger meteor mexico microscopium middleearth minor-satellite mirror moirai moly monster moon mother mountain musca muse music musical naiad nail native-american nature navajo near-earth necklace needs-image neptunian nereid netherlands night nobel-literature nobel-physics norsemyth not-mine number-pun numeral numerals nymph observatory ocean oceanid odyssey olympic order ouroboros owl painter pallasian panflute paris patagonianmyth peace pentagram person pharmacy phillipines phoenix physics piano pickax planetary-scientist planet-satellite plant plectrum pleiade plutonian poetry pointed-oval pomegranate portugal prince psychology purity quail queen radio railroad rain rainbow ring river rock romanmyth rome rose rune runner russia sagitta saint salt saturnian saxophone scales scepter science science-fiction scroll seal seasons seer shakespeare shapeshifter shell shield sickle siren ski sky slavicmyth smile snake solar soldier south-africa soviet-union spaceflight spain spear spiral sports spring squirrel star starburst statue stone storm stylus sun sunrise-sunset sweden switzerland sword sword-cross tablet taiwan taurus taxonomy teacup teardrop telescopium tent terrestrial theatre thebes thoran thread thunder time titan torch tortoise toy tragedy travel tree trident trireme trust turkey turtle tyet ukraine underworld united-kingdom united-states university unknown uranian ursa-major ursa-minor vatican veil venusian vestan victory virgin virgo volcano war wave wheat wheel whip wind wineglass wing wings winter wisdom witch wolf wreath wwii youth
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