Terra Nova

It's nice to imagine that one day, humanity may peacefully inhabit worlds orbiting alien stars. We are shameless namers, so it stands to reason that whatever planets we might live on will have to get a decent name.

I hope the names Terra Nova or New Earth are never used - partially because I am a fan of this Earth, and I don't want anything to happen to it that demands commemoration any time soon, but also because I think Terra Nova is a really stupid and unimaginative name. Yet it crops up all the time in science fiction.

Nonetheless, if such a name ever gets used, here is the symbol for it. It is purposefully reminiscent of Earth's symbol, but the terrestrial cross is raised slightly out of the circle, such that the horizontal line is tangent to the top of it. This is meant to suggest a place that is both Earth and yet not Earth, a new, alien Earth. The two elements of Earth's symbol are separated, so as to suggest a separation between the old ideal and the new home, and yet still connected. The planetary cross rises above, symbolizing a place above and beyond the familiar. The symbol is somewhat evocative of alternate Earth symbols, like the alchemical symbol of antimony.


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