Theia is the name given to the hypothetical planetesimal that in the early days of the Solar System collided with the Earth to create the Moon. It is named after the Titaness from Greek myth, a daughter of Gaia and Uranos, "Theia of many names," and mother of the moon goddess Selene.

Although it is the most commonly accepted and realistic mechanism for the creation of the Earth-Moon system, the impact occurred billions of years ago, and so we may never be certain that it even existed. There is something strangely sad about devising a symbol for a world that we know we can never visit or even see. The symbol is a horizontally bisected circle, evocative of both the letter Θ and a fragment of the Earth, with the crescent Moon inscribed to the left. This symbol is suggestive of being a long-forgotten sister to the Earth.

Although I often hesitate from leaning too heavily on astrological meanings and interpretations in this project, if Theia appears anywhere in your natal chart, please contact me immediately.


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